10 Reasons To Like Valentine’s Day (And a Romantic Red Outfit)

There is no deny – Valentine’s day is the most commercial holiday, designed for restaurants, travel agencies and department stores to make a huge profit, but there is a lot ‘ to like’ about it. After all – it’s a celebration of love and all things romantic. (as if  ;>)

10 Reasons to like Valentine’s day:

#1 Outfits!

I love browsing through the outfits on Instagram and Pinterest! Ladies look great in red, which is my second reason…

#2 Wear Red

My favorite colour, but also the colour of love. Perfect for the Valentine’s day.

#3 Chocolate

Treat yourself for a cookie, coffee and heart-shaped choc!

#4 Greeting Cards

Who doesn’t like to receive them?

#5 Date Day

It’s a great excuse to go out! (Let’s assume you are lucky enough to get a table…)

#6 Cute gifts

I am talking all the heart-shaped crap you would like to get. It’s so useless, but yet adorable (is it?).

#7 Flowers

Roses, roses everywhere….

#8 Pink

It’s the one and only day you can admit you love pink (haters gonna hate) 🙂

#9 Movies?

A good excuse to stay in and watch all the lame romantic movies you’re always trying to avoid?

#10 Making people feel special…

… not only on the 14th of February, but everyday! This is what it should be!

I hope you like my Valentine’s Day inspired outfit.


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Get Inspired :

Dress – get it here

Stilettos – get similar here

Bag – get similar from here

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Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


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