5 Cool Things To Do In Lanzarote

Hello from the sunny land, where the temperature hits 26 degrees in February, the sun is shining and the views are stunning. The one and only ‘Moon Island’ – Lanzarote!

I had a pleasure to visit Lanzarote with Jet2holidays last week. It was my third visit to the Canary Islands. I always enjoy ‘a sunny high-temperature winter break’, and this part of the world is one of my favourite destinations at this time of the year.

The average temperature during our 4-day stay was around 26 degrees, it was a bit windy ( but it only makes Jet2holidays Lanzarote escape a perfect idea for surfers!) and there were loads of fabulous Moon-like sights!

What are the coolest things to do aside from lying by the pool, on the beach or eating delicious Canarian dishes?

I would recommend….

Eat Some Cactus

This is the activity you won’t get the chance of doing anywhere else. Cactus Garden was the last work of Cesar Manrique, one of the famous activists and architects from Lanzarote. Jardin de Cactus has around 4500 specimens of 450 different species! You can not only stroll around but there is a restaurant serving… cactus dishes including cactus burgers, cactus sauce and a delicious cactus juice! It was definitely a cool experience and a highlight of this trip.

Go To Hell

… literally 🙂 Timanfaya National Park is unofficially named the ‘Hell of Lanzarote’ as its volcanic landscape actually reminds of… the devil himself. Only certain parts are available to the public, in order to preserve this precious area. Restaurant El Diablo, however, is open to everyone. It is safe to say this place is the most unique restaurant in the whole Canary Islands. You can actually taste specialities cooked in the heart of the volcano as they use the volcanic heat (400-500 degrees Celsius) to grill the dishes! The restaurant is also located on the top of the hill with the panoramic view of the Fire Mountains! Must-See!

Taste the Volcanic Wine

The way I see it, the wine tour is a great way to get to know the place through its… substances. We took a lovely trip with Wine Tours Lanzarote and got the chance to visit a couple of amazing vineyards. Tasting the Volcanic wine from the island was one of a kind experience as the taste is really unique. My absolute fav is the white wine called Malvasia Volcanica! The whole process of wine making is also really interesting. The fun fact is, only 10% of the wines produced in Lanzarote are red, and only about 10% of all the wines are exported so it is safe to say… Lanzarote is the only place where you can taste them!

Cycle Around The Volcanos

Lanzarote is a perfect destination for those who love cycling! There are a lot of great cycling routes. We did the Volcanos Tour with Papagayo Bike which I could definitely recommend!

Take a Road Trip

We were staying in Puerto del Carmen, a tourist resort located only around 10/15 minutes driving from the airport. The way I see it, it makes a perfect base for a road trip as it has a great nightlife, many restaurants and fantastic resorts such as Seaside Los Jamenos chosen by Jet2holidays, the 4**** resort we were staying at.

There is a lot to see in Lanzarote and, with the island being only 65 km wide, it is doable during a short 4-day stay (or even a weekend). I would definitely recommend starting from Los Jameos Del Aqua, the magnificent volcanic tube that reaches the sea and has a stunning natural auditorium. It could also be your food stop as there is an amazing restaurant, right in the cave! Don’t forget about La Cueva de los Verdes, a fascinating cave created by the eruptions of the volcano and the viewpoint called Mirador del Río. I would also recommend Arrecife, the capital of the island.

Summarising, I would really recommend a trip to Lanzarote whether it is a romantic vacation, crazy bachelorette or a family holiday. Jet2holidays have some really great Canary Islands deals flying from all the major UK airports including London Stansted (Jet2holidays fly to all the top destinations from there).

*Press Trip, collaboration with Jet2, all the opinions are my own

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