5 Reasons to Visit Tuscany

Tuscany is known for its landscapes, history, artistic legacy, and its influence on high culture, and the are far more than 5 reasons to visit Tuscany but …. I am preparing for my presentation next week and I only have 15 minutes so I decided to list the CRUCIAL points.

  • Art towns and hill-top villages

Sensational Tuscan landscapes, such as hill-top towns, castles, Italian mansions and charming cypress alleyways are the MAIN factor that drags interational tourists to this part of Italy. As much as I loved Firenze, it is Montepulciano that stole my heart! Siena, the informal ‘second capital od Tuscany’ is also a charming sight! Apart from that, Tuscany has Apenines, charming coast line and Firenze!

  • Art and Culture

it is not just about Florence but the city’s Art and Culture could make the TOP reason to visit Tuscany. Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Piazza Duomo are a MUST! There are also countless museums – my recent favorite discovery Gucci Garden and Da Vinci Museum.

As for the Tuscan culture, there are a lot of wineries and exhibitions all around the region – also in Pisa, Sienna and smaller towns, such as Montepulciano.

  • Luxury Castle-Hotels

Well… the way I see it, staying in one of the luxurious Tuscan castles is an absolute MUST! There is the lovely Castel Monastero, which is a TOP destination for Chianti lovers, hill top castle Castello di Velona with Thermal Pools, Castello Banfi with…. the whole loads of in-door museum and a huge winery! There is also Relais La Suvera, which is the 17th century castle with a lot of luxurios chambers!

  • Wine

Out of all the regions Tuscany is probably the most related to – wine!
‘Wine runs deep in Tuscany, woven as it is into the cultural identity of this central Italian region.’

Every region has its specialty. My absolute FAVORITE is the world famous Brunello di Montalcino (especially BANFI!) and Chianti. Read more about Top Tuscan Wines HERE.

  • Fabric Shoping in Firenze

Silk shopping was my main purpose for visiting Firenze. I planned to get the Italian fabric for my wedding dress. Which better city to go to (in Europe)? We visited several places, each of which full of amazing fabrics!

There are many fabric stores in Firenze but I would really recommend visiting Bacci. This store is long and narrow, it has thousands of bolts of fabric which are arranged by category and fabric type for the most part. The cost of white silk (1m) varies from €49-€100. I got an amazing piece of 100% silk in the pink pattern for only just €20 for 1,3m  as they do discounts for the ‘leftovers’. Their service was also professional. They don’t really hound you much in shops in Italy, they let you look around. We had a very nice lady who helped us a lot in making my final decision.

There are also Passementerie Toskana and Cassa tie Dessuti. Visit all of them if you have time.

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