‘American Hustle’ is a movie that you definitely have to see this season!It’s a story about a couple who had to join the FBI forces  to elaborate sting operation on corrupt politicians.The movie became my new fashion inspiration. I loved everything Amy Adams wore , even though ‘(…)  she wears mesh bathing suit that leaves little to the imagination. It looks like it’s made from a few macramé strings.’  Costume designer , Michael Wilkinson  has manage to create an amazing 1970’s fashion world. From metallic dresses , DVF wrap dresses all in amazing colours , disco party style outfits , sophisticated coats and accesories… Not to mention about hair and make-up.

Amy Adams’ character goes on a visual journey in the film. The character is trying to escape from her  past and she falls in love and gets the confidence and the money to  use clothes to transform herself. So she explores fashion designers from the late 1970’s such as  Diane von Fürstenberg  whose wrap dresses are a classic -they belong in all periods, plus it’s a shape every woman looks fantastic in  and Halston . All the fabrics  were soft, sensual and  they had the sophistication , fragility and a preciousness. Her ultra-femine outfits and the bra-less style are going to be an inspiration for man fashion designers but I think it might be considered a bit too brave for a dinner party and definitely leaves less for an imagination.

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