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Berlin Fashion Week at Hotel Brandenburger Tor Potsdam with

This season’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was the last fashion dedicated party sponsored by Mercedes Benz. It does not mean it’s the last sort of fashion celebration in Germany, but it will never be the same again. At least not with the same sponsors, and probably not with the same designers.

Summer edition is something I  am always looking forward to come back to. Beach parties, rooftop fashion shows, outdoor events and bbq – everything Berlin has to offer!

We kicked off the season with Fashion Blogger Cafe the Beach and ended with the fancy label launch at Soho House Berlin, and the weather spoiled us with over 25ish degrees and the pure sunshine!

Highlight of the season?

Lana Mueller and her collection presented on the rooftop at The House of Weekend Berlin. I am still impressed by the loose silhouettes, fabrics, colours and prints! The sleeves look incredibly chic, while the necks are being exposed not in a sexy, but very feminine way!

I stayed at one of my favorite boutique hotel Hotel Brandenburger Tor Potsdam, right in the heart of Brandenburg’s capital. We got quite a large, perfect-sized apartment for me to keep all my fashion week outfits and to get ready to the shows. What I like the most about this place is the well-balanced interior that makes me feel more creative! Everything is decorated in such an sophisticated taste, with a hint of vintage. For the busy business people – the breakfast delivers the energy boost we are all after. With all the fresh fruits, pastry, smoothies and delicious dairy products you can start your day in the right way! Apart from that, the ‘chill-out’ area is what I am always after, especially after a long day of running in between the shows and meetings.

I recommend this place for :

  • Fashionistas visiting Berlin
  • People trying to avoid overcrowded spaces
  • Nature lovers – with the numerous lakes and the huge park you can count on a relaxing weekend
  • People visiting Berlin
  • Business trips
  • Retreat trips
  • Mother&daughter holidays
  • Couples
  • Elderly travelers
  • Travel bloggers loving a bit of a luxurious stays

You can also find my winter edition of this collaboration in here.

My super comfy sandals – get them here


For this season’s of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week I teamed up with in order to create the perfect summer look. I am not the fan of a heavy make-up, neither am I a specialist, but I decided to share my daily rituals just to show you what products I really love. I ordered all the products myself, and all the opinions are my own.

It is worth to mention offers my favorite make-up and beauty products for much less – around 30% off the market price.

1. I start my make up with putting my favorite Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Foundation 24h ( you can track it here in my previous post). What I can’t live without is the ECOntour foundation brush – not only the fastest way, but also the most accurate. It does not leave any ugly-looking runs, which is important for a person whose make-up skills are, let’s admit it, on a susceptible level.


2. The second step is my recent ‘How have I managed without you in my life’, La Mer Skincolour Lose Powder ( get it from here). Believe me – I haven’t had a better product on my dressing table. It leaves my skin flawless, and the matt effect with a hint of highlight is simply incredible! I think it would be just right for the majority of skin types – from natural to the more problematic.

3. I recently switched from my old eyebrow shadows + thin brush set to something much more convenient, Givenchy Mister Brow Filler by Givenchy (get it here). The colour blends really nicely and, what is the most important, the whole application process does not take longer than 2 minutes. I have to mention it doesn’t require a second application – once applied it stays on until you wash it off.

4. Ok, I admit – I am definitely not an eyeliner person. I usually wear my lashes extension, which doesn’t actually require another layer of black on my eyelid, but I made an exception for the fashion week. For this I use LANCÔME Grandiôse eyeliner (get it here). It looks like a piece of art itself, and has a 35-degree bendable wand that allows for easy and precise application. This angle allows for close access to the lash line, while the ultra-thin tip of the felt applicator creates a clean look. Are you not an eyeliner profi? You should get it!

5. I cheated on my everyday red lipstick and went for the fuchsia shade this summer. This YVES SAINT LAURENT Rouge Volupté Shine ( get it from here – look for different shades, as it might be sold out). The smell could be my one and only reason to get this product, but it turns out it is also very longlasting and leaves my lips super hydrated. I also love how it looks with such a lightweight make- up.

As I mentioned, you can get all those products from for much less! Check their website today! Remember you have all the direct links to their online shop in my post, just click on ‘here’.


Here are some of the fashion week outfits I wore. I was inspired by Berlin and the capital’s culture, which made me choose between black and metallic fabrics.

Shoes – Sascha Schuhe, get from here


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  1. Really loved the post, thanks for the glimpses of the fashion show! I have to say your outfits were stunning as well, I especially loved that black dress <3

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