From My Fashion Diary – Berlin Fashion Week July 2018

Berlin Fashion Week. Every January and every June/July. Pretty much the same fashion designers, fashion events and a huge dose of inspiration. Loads of great people, looks, crazy outfits and yummy food. I have to say – it is always great fun (but loads of work) to attend such an event. I love my job!



Well – you can not. Unless you work in the fashion industry or you are a fashion student. Fashion Shows aren’t public nor are they for sale. The entries/tickets are distributed within the fashion industry only. Who sits in the frow? Buyers, stylists, bloggers, journalists or the most cherished clients. I think it should stay this way.

I remember Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland used to sell the tickets to everyone. In result, random people were occupying the frow, and the journalists got some really bad places. The feedback was not the best. I think it is better to keep this sort of events for people from the industry only.

Luckily, for the rest of the tribe who is interested in fashion, there are some side events, such as London Fashion Weekend or Bread and Butter by Zalando, where you can see how the fashion week looks from the inside. I have been to London Fashion Weekend while I was still studying in London and I really enjoyed it. It is placed in the Sommerset House, which is a very good location. Bread and Butter is organized every September and it is places in the O2 Arena, by teh famous drifting swimmingpool (Badeschiff). I can not wait to attend it this year as well! The entry is around 20€ and you will get the chance to see the top brands, such as Top Shop of Jil Sander!



Mercedes Benz used to place Berlin Fashion Week in one place – a huge tent on Strasse d 17. Juni – just behind the famous Brandenburger Tor. In July 2018 the shows were held at eWerk (the majority) or spread across Berlin. Anja Gockel’s fashion show was located in a historical Adlon Hotel, on the chic Unter den Linden. The location of the show is very important as it also tells a lot about the designer and the collection itself.

Shoes : NA-KD (get it HERE with -20% off with my code : carmelatte20 )

Wearing: Anja Gockel S/S2018 collection and NA-KD shoes with the flower detail.  As for this year’s collection – I love the prints, fabrics and the structures of the majority of garments. It looks like the frills are taking over this year’s season!

Anja Gockel’s S/S2019 collection was focused around layering but underlined the sexiness of a female silhouette. Frills, appliques, purple colour and an Indian pink were the key trends from the collection.

Source: Anja Gockel FACEBOOK Page

Another highlight was MAISONNOÉE Berlin – one of my favourite brands. I like how Sophie Oemus, the brand’s head designer, combines the inspiration of an ‘old Berlin’ (punk/black/leather) and the modern femininity. She sets leather with tuille, light pink suede with the black over knee boots and it truely looks amazing! This year’s show was no different.




You probably wonder what a goodie bag is. It is a bag of gifts given to the audience at the end of the show or at an event. It is meant to advertise the products inside the bags – the producers want bloggers/journalists to test the products and share the opinion. What is inside? Beauty products, stationary, fashion accessories, vouchers and even food, such as healthy snacks. I never really feel the need of doing a goodie bag unpacking, but I often recommend the new products to my readers and Instagram followers.



I must have mentioned I always stay at Hotel Brandenburger Tor Potsdam. I was living in Berlin for quite a while and I really like the vibe of the city, but Potsdam is better! It is quiet, beautiful and I always enjoy my morning walk through Sanssouci Gardens.

Hotel Brandenburger Tor is a boutique hotel offering an open bar, just in front of the historical gate. It is very quiet, luxurious and definitely perfect for the couples/ group of friends. We simply loved our Basilium Aperol Spritz!

Hotel Brandenburger Tor wins the breakfast game! The pastries and rolls are fresh ( even warm) and the buffet is rich in choice. You will end up full for the whole day – whether you are a vegan or a meat lover! I was full for the whole day of running between the shows and events!


I always plan my schedule ahead so I have time to explore my favourite part of Potsdam – Sanssouci Park with the magnificent palace and the spectacular fountain. It is located only 10 minutes away from Hotel Brandenburger Tor.




Fashion Week food is as inspiring as the collections shown on the runways. The food at the events are mostly canapes and finger food, but it is always ‘corresponding’ to the so-called trendy eating. This year it was charcoal, buddha bowls, poke bowls and beetroot drinks. I am glad people eat less meat these days! As for our food catering, we ordered from, which is a leading online delivery service. They cover the most of Berlin’s top restaurants, the wait is usually 15-20 minutes and they offer good discounts. We ordered from Poke Bay, which is a Hawaiian heaven!





Yes and No. I remember my first fashion week – it was in 2014, while I was working in Berlin. I was over the moon I was able to watch the show from the tribune, but four years later it became my job and, let’s face it, every job makes you tired at the end of the day. I love fashion and I always enjoy watching beautifully dressed people, amazing venues and inspiring events. What is there not to like? Well, running around and the fact the deadlines are quite tough is not something super pleasing. Also – I don’ have a private driver with a ‘wandering’ wardrobe following me around the city. I don’t know what is worst – minus 26 or plus 30. But, well, Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would most likely be worth it!

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