AIRBNB Apartment in Cracov and Chanel

Hi from Kraków, Hello from our lovely apartment, it the very heart of Kraków. We choose an apartment over a hotel for several reasons : #1 You can make yourself a breakfast you eat everyday #2 You decided WHEN you eat #3 More privacy #4 You feel like home #5 The price is much better […]

Bread and Butter by Zalando 2016 in Berlin

I just got back from my first Bread&Butter by Zalando trade show event. As a press, I get invitations to the majority of fashion events, but this one was special. For the first time, Bread&Butter by Zalando was open to the public, breaking the circle of exclusivity, and empowering consumers to personally engage with fashion […]

London – ‘to-do’ recommendations

London offers a lot, but it’s easy to get lost. You probably know the feeling, when you expect a lot, but end up in a place you don’t like, or have already been to a similar one. I always tend to google the nice places before I go somewhere, but let’s face it – the […]

Overrated holiday destinations

Tak sobie myślę, że o podróżach niemal zawsze pisze się w samych superlatywach. Tam tak pięknie, tam cudownie,  to miejsce warto zobaczyć. Podróże to ciekawe i inspirujące, ale nie zawsze przyjemne doświadczenia. Postanowiłam przygotować  listę miejsc, które moim zdaniem są przereklamowane. Byłam, zobaczyłam i się nie zachwyciłam. Pamiętajcie – to jest moja osobista ocena, nie […]

Santorini – a blogger island

I officially name Santorini ‘an island for the bloggers’. Or a blogger island. I have been to Greece a few years ago and, need to admit, I was dissapointed about not seeing those white houses with the blue rooftops –  a signature of the Greek architecture. My desire to see them came true in May, […]