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#Digits2Widgets – Catherine Wales design

Catherine Wales is London based designer who designed the DNA project- the three-dimensional accessories collection. This apparently was inspired by identity and the visual structure of human chromosomes.The DNA  was produced using white nylon with a 3D printer, the eight-piece collection includes  corset, a  feathered shoulder piece and a waist bracelet plus four transformative headpieces.Catherine’s futuristic collection is completely unique and can be used both editorially to stimulate conceptual thinking and scientifically to develop the capabilities of luxury fashion prototyping within the 3D space.

The designer has been in the fashion industry for the past 15 years but this is the first time when she came up with the 3D printing idea. First of all she is going with the flow – this became very popular and TOP matter recently and once again digital design and high fashion became two very close friends . As a pattern cutter she also shown that the 3D printing is cutting down wastage and making tiny little details more accurate.

I think this will be the  future of fashion industry.

Pictures from DESIGN MUSEUM , LONDON  SE1 2YDphoto

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