Key Designer Pieces Worth Investing In

An investment piece is a designer item that stands the test of time in both style and value. And making a smart choice from the beginning will ensure your luxury piece will keep giving back to you for years to come.

Designer accessories are widely available these days -unlike it was a couple of years ago. 10 years ago nobody would have thought about an online shopping for Gucci or Dior, not to mention about online discounts! In 2018 people seem more aware of the quality and try to spend their money wiser – at least in terms of premium accessories, as the Chinese market still has a final say… While clothes can quickly date or deteriorate, the right scarf, handbag or a good pair of shows will maintain its quality and hold its value, giving you the best return on your investment.

What are the key pieces worth investing in?



The way I see it, a great scarf is the best Fall/Winter accessory you could possibly invest in. The scarf could easily and effortlessly elevate your outfit! Scarves are versatile, eye-catching and… prevent from the cold 🙂 A great designer scarf is a great accompaniment to coats, leather jackets and cord items (great trend of the year!). Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Madonna, Kate Moss and even… Queen Elizabeth have all sported scarves, although in a different way and for different occasions. I personally own a few good scarves for every season. I am a great fan of styling them – nothing (except my bags) would ever pimp my outfit up in a better way. When it comes to buying a good scarf they only factor you would have to be careful of is the fabric. Silks and cashmere are the standouts. You don’t have to be ‘discreet’ with the colours and the patterns, as the scarf is not a coat – it has to be apparent to make an impression (unless you want something classy). The scarf is a statement and underlines your personality.  I think the iconic Burberry scarf is a great investment for years. It is a classic that would never ever go out of fashion! Hermès neckerchief is a great accessory for the summer, while Acne offers the best quality cashmere.

Leather Jacket

Leather pieces are in general a good purchase. They last very long and are quite easy to take care of. I inherited some great leather skirts and jackets from my mother and granny, which I am very thankful for. I keep, however, searching for some leather treasures for my fiance and for myself. As for leather jackets, it is worth to have a look at the vintage stores across London. There are some really good ones in Kensington, Hamstead and Camden Town. Leather pieces are often discounted after winter/ past season. Remember the leather are the classics and would never go ‘unfashionable’.


Bag in a safe colour

Designer bags are the best possible investment – especially Chanel. Having a Chanel equals having your money in a bank account. Especially these days – hence the price of Chanel bags increases by… almost 20%! Did you know the WOC is 20% more expensive to how it was a year ago? The previous price of the standard leather WOC was $2,100, and it is now $2,500. The dollar amount of that increase is the same as it was for the majority Chanel Classic Flap Bag sizes, but on a bag that is much smaller and costs less. I would definitely recommend looking for some great vintage pieces at Vestiaire Collective or Timpany’s. If you are well-orientated and you think you would be able to spot a fake, eBay or even gumtree are also the right destinations for you. Read more about how to browse for a bag HERE and what to avoid HERE.

Black/Dark Brown Sunglasses

I love designer eyewear. I think a good pair of sunnies can transform your casual outfit into a chic look. It is definitely worth to invest in a good pair – also for the health and…economic reasons. Why? First of all, when paying for quality glasses, you’re also paying for quality lenses. High-quality glasses usually come with all the suggested coatings–UV protections, scratch-resistance and anti-glare. The higher the quality, the longer the life. Also – you would only spend once. High-quality glasses will last much longer than a high street pair because their frames are made from much better materials. Stainless steel, titanium, and especially zyl (a type of lightweight plastic) are common materials for high-quality glasses. These materials not only look better but perform better.

The best places to buy designer sunglasses are..the airports! 20% discount is guaranteed! TKMaxx/ TJMaxx are great too, but you would have to be super lucky to score a good pair. 21st Century is also a good store to shop at – my sister scored here Prada(s) for… $150!

Should you buy online? Only if you’ve tried the sunnies on before. We all have different faces and finding a perfect pair is the whole process. I don’t think you should buy the first pair you fancy.

By choosing your first expensive pair, you should go for stylish black, bold colour, not funky patterns. Also, thick frames are easier to style.


Bold Colour Leather Boots

Fall/ Winter boots are expensive – it is true, but it is something the majority of fashion-orientated people have to invest in anyway. What is my tip? Winter sale around Boxing Day/January is the right time to search for some great deals. There was a massive trend for the overknees two seasons ago. Are they ever gonna be nay? I don’t think so. A lovely, high quality  black pair of overknee leather boots is a fashion statement and will never go out of style, only it won’t be seen everywhere (which is in fact much better). It is the same case as with leather jackets – dark, bold pair of leather boots is always a good catch!

Farfetch, Mytheresa, Pret-a-porter offer some amazing discounts after the season has passed!


‘All you need is one perfect pair of killer stilettos and you’ll be set for life.’*

Stilettos are a great purchase! Especially the ones in beige, black or red! You can invest once and wear them… until you can!

Where should you shop? Some brands have outlets – perhaps it is a good idea to have a quick browse in there? Bicester Village outside London is where you could score a pair of Jimmy Choo! Christain Louboutin has different prices in different department stores. The price can be less of even $100! Some department stores offer 10-20% discounts with a loyalty card, which I think is a lot. Pigalle is the most popular choice, but I would not recommend them for ladies who don’t wear stilettos often (they aren’t exactly the most comfortable pair I have…). Valentino Rockstud is also a great catch worth investing in, not to mention the Manolos!



Leather Belt

Designer belt, especially the double G seems to be the most covetable fashion accessory these days. There is no deny it is worth to invest in a good leather belt. It is the item we could easily style and wear on an everyday basis. A good designer belt has the ability of elevating the whole outfit. Just like the sunglasses – it makes a great fashion statement. A designer belt doesn’t hold its value – unless it’s Chanel or a double G as it is on trend now. For this reason I would recommend a vintage store/second hand.

Wrap Dress

I know many people would not agree, but I think it is worth to invest in two types of dresses – a lovely lightweight summer dress and a wrap dress. A silk is a rare fabric these days, so a good designer piece made of silk would always make a great catch. How about Diane von Furstenberg’s iconic wrap dress? A wrap dress is easy to wear, looks incredibly feminine and underlines the silhouette in the best possible way. The wrap dress was originally created by Elsa Schiaparelli in the 1930’s, but it was ‘invented’ and introduced to the public by Diane von Furstenberg in the 70’s. I have one Furstenberg wrap in my closet, and I admit – it is my favourite dress for the winter season. I am on the hunt of the wrap in more of a lightweight fabric for the summer, too. Where to buy it? At Diane von Furstenberg stores, in the department stores in the USA, online at TheOutnet.


*Elle, OCT 22, 2016


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