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Mallorca – A Wedding Island

Mallorca is a picture-postcard destination for a dream wedding. Why? This island has it all! Mallorca offers the whole variety of settings for your dream wedding whether you are barefoot in the sand or a hilltop church with stunning views – everything is possible. This Balearic island has been very popular among the millennials, mostly because it actually has loads to offer. It is a popular destination for nature lovers, thrill seekers, wanderers, cyclist and party people. There are loads of historic buildings, dramatic landscapes – not to mention the fantastic local food and Sangria.

The most important factor, however, is: it is only a short flight away!


When to get married??

The most popular time of year to get married in Mallorca is between April and October, especially June and September, so it’s advised to start planning a year or more ahead if you’re considering getting married in either of these two months.

A late-afternoon ceremony from 16:00 onwards is recommended if you choose your wedding day to be in the summer peak time.

Aestimated Cost :

Approximate Wedding Package Prices (all Prices plus IVA), 25 Guests around 8,725€

Legal Requirements

Wedding ceremonies for non-residents

If you aren’t Catholic, hold another faith or no faith at all, then you’ll have to get legally married in a registry office in your home country before or after the non-legal ceremony or blessing in Mallorca.

If you or your partner are Roman Catholic and looking to get married in a Catholic church, then this is permitted even if you’re non-residents. You will need to start the process early at your local church. Passport or ID card, birth certificate, a certificate of your and your partner’s single, divorced or widower status issued by your home parish, certificate of baptism and confirmation, your local parish church permission to get married abroad, and certificate of having completed the marriage preparation courses HAVE to be sent to the Spanish diocese before the wedding.*

Symbolic wedding ceremonies

In Spain, legal civil ceremonies must be performed indoors, but there are no restrictions regarding non-legal blessings which can be performed anywhere. You can either have the symbolic ceremony first and then return to your home country for the legal ceremony or, as most couples do, have the legal wedding first then to fly to Mallorca for the blessing and wedding celebration.*

Civil partnerships

Civil partnerships in Spain are fully legal and recognised around the world, although they are only available for those who have resided in the country for at least two years. You will need to register your marriage in the local registry office by presenting your passport or ID card, birth certificate, certificate of residence and a certificate of your and your partner’s single, divorced or widower status. As of July 2005, same-sex couples can also get legally married in Spain.

In Palma, civil ceremonies are held at the City Council, also known as Cort and located inside a 17th-century Baroque palace, and in the 14th-century Bellver Castle which overlooks the Bay of Palma. There are no civil ceremonies in the city during the months of January, August and December.*

*Source of research:

As I mentioned, there are loads of beautiful places on Mallorca. There are undoubtedly the whole loads of choices for a wedding, but these days there is more than just the pretty view. Millennials are after places with a soul, where they could feel the good vibes and enjoy their Big Day in a style.


Mhares Sea Club

Mhares is one of the most precious findings on the island. It is a beach club, located only around 25 minutes drive from Palma de Mallorca. It is a luxurious place set on a cliff, literally overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is a laid-back place, with a touch of luxury. I would say it is a perfect place for the couple, who stands out from the crows and cares a lot about the views.

An average price of a wedding in Mhares varies and depends on what sort of wedding the couple is after. The capacity is…. 900 guests! The couple could get very creative here. There are 3 wedding reception options :

  • Banquet Gala with the menu starting from 98€ per person.
  • Finger Food Cocktail Dinner: 72,20€ for 20 units including cold and warm appetisers, such as glazed scallops and prawn tempura
  • Gala Buffets – price starting from 73,50€

Mhares is known for its great food and lovely atmosphere. I am sure it would make a perfect and idyllic wedding location!

Luxury Retreat – Fontsanta Hotel

Fontsanta Hotel is a luxurious hotel located in the Southern part of Mallorca. It is a perfect boutique wedding location for sure. Although Fontsanta Hotel is not a typical Mallorcan resort, it is known for being a perfect destination for the ones seeking for relaxing, wellness, peace of mind and, of course, luxury and beautiful surroundings. Fontsanta Hotel is known for its thermal SPA and the healing waters. These waters emerge from the underground and as they rise in shallow aquifers they acquire mineral elements in a form that would be almost impossible to reproduce artificially.

Fontsanta is capable of organising a boutique wedding and a honeymoon of your dreams! The hotel is a popular choice among the honeymooners from Germany and the UK. What speakers for itself are over 81 excellent and 23 very good reviews on Trip Advisor – the majority coming from honeymooners.

Choosing Fontsanta for your boutique wedding or a honeymoon location would not give you a typical ‘Mallorcan’ effect, but it would definitely be a unique experience. Away from the city and the crowds, among nature and luxury.

Wedding Packages :

To be individually discussed with the hotel. Every offer is personally adjusted to the needs. The staff will do its best to make your dream day come true.

Honeymoon Packages :

Time for wellness package:


– Double room with Terrace, upgrade depending on the availability
– Breakfast buffet
– A back and shoulder massage 30min
– A facial express 30min personalized depending on skin type
– A thermal bath in the single or double bathtub
– Unlimited access to the thermal circuit- Unlimited fresh fruits buffet
– Unlimited infused detoxifying, draining and slimming waters buffet
– 2 Dinners à la Carte in our restaurant*
– Car rental from the airport during all your stay type B

(* Drinks not included)

230 €
Person/night (VAT included)


Calm & Tranquility Package:


– Junior Suite with Terrace, upgrade depending on the availability
– Breakfast buffet
– 7 thermal baths in the single or double bathtub
– Two therapeutic massages 50min
– A body treatment with scrub and wrap 90min
– Unlimited access to the thermal circuit
– Unlimited fresh fruits buffet
– Unlimited infused detoxifying, draining and slimming waters buffet
– 3 Dinners à la Carte in our restaurant*
– Car rental from the airport during all your stay type B

(* Drinks not included)


270 €
Person/night (VAT included)

Those both packages are available from 1st October to  10th November 2018.


Honeymooners experience 




  • Stay of 3 nights in the Luxury Villa with private pool
  • Personalised transfer from and to the airport
  • Candle Dinner for 2  <3
  • 30 minutes  of the relaxing massage for 2
  • Bottle of cava, flowers, chocolate and basket of fruit at your arrival


Stay 4 nights with us at Fontsanta Hotel – rate as follows

Rate:  725€ per person and day, VAT included. Local Taxes not included


This offer is open for stays until 31 October 2019

It is important to mention that the staff is very professional and they really care about the experience – especialy when it comes to Honeymoons. Every couple is advised to ask and suggest what they need. It is crucial for Fontsanta that every Newwed has a unique experience!



Yacht Wedding

A wedding on a yacht is one of the most unique ways to tie the knot! Experience holiday gets very popular these days – hence the interests in a yacht wedding are constantly rising. It is a cool option for those ones, who like to do everything… their own way. The experience of a private yacht wedding charter is special in so many ways. There is the unique venue of a private yacht for you and your guests. There is the backdrop of the crystal clear water and area waterways that always makes people smile. It is worth to look into this sort of ‘venue’ – especially if you aren’t sure what you want. Perhaps it is just for you?


More Info, Photos and the Prices coming soon….



There is an article about a yacht wedding in Dubai HERE.



If you don’t fancy sea club and want to keep your wedding in a rustic aesthetics, there are numerous agritoristic places all over Mallorca. Most of them organise boutique weddings.


Whom could you ask for help?


I have fallen in love the minute I saw what Moments do. Moments was created by two lovely ladies, Lourdes Coll and Ana Capó, back in 2003.  What are they known for? Well, definitely a good taste and for treating their clients in a very professional matter. They surely understand every customer’s needs and try to create something really outstanding, such as the weddings I have seen on their website. They have always been very passionate about what they do, which is why they have successfully accomplished over 15 years in event making.



There are many photographers on this island, but there is just one Inma del Valle.  Inma is one of the most appreciated photographers not only in Mallorca, but in Spain. She has won several prestigious awards, such as Wedisson Award for Best Wedding Photography 2018, and is the only Spanish photographer to receive an award at the Wedisson Awards. This super talented lady is selected by five international wedding photographers‘ committees. I call her work extraordinary!

Bridal Help <3


Not too long ago I was looking for a perfect app that would help me to put all ‘to-dos’ and ideas together. It seemed like I have found one! Bridebook is the number one free wedding planning app that would really help you to… put yourself together! I also like its ‘Ideas and Inspiration’ section, where you get a huge source of inspiration from the brides from all around the world. It is such an easy and quick step to do (download here) and such a helpful little thing to have!


Wedding or not, you would need an accommodation. There are loads of resorts in Mallorca, but I am going to show you two amazing boutique hotels with a soul. Boutique hotels are smaller and cosier. I, personally, prefer boutique hotels over massive resorts, because… they really have a soul! They are decorated with heart, with attention to details. A smaller stay also makes you feel at home but in a good way. Like maybe ‘improved home‘?


South: Tres Palma De Mallorca

It is my second time at Tres and I still love its Scandi interior mixed with the Spanish atmosphere. The hotel is located in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, only 5 minutes walking from the famous Cathedral. It is a small hotel with an amazing rooftop wellness area and a great patio restaurant. The wellness area contains sauna (overlooking the Cathedral), the swimming pool and the chill-out area. The restaurant offers some Spanish specialities and beverages, such as Cava, but also the famous Swedish sandwiches.




North: Hotel Can Mostatxins

If you prefer to stay up north and you fancy the medieval houses, you might want to choose the Hotel Can Mostatxins. This magnificent property dates back to the late 15th century. It is a transformation from a  typical Mallorcan manor house to a designer high standard property. It is a real ‘catch’ for the ones admiring the architecture, as the original Gothic features are kept in perfect condition.

My favourite feature of the hotel is the swimming pool area. It is a charming patio with an open roof, but with quite a lot of shadow. It is located in the basement, which allows you to chill-out even in the scorcher. One thing that has to be said – the staff is very caring and very friendly. Your honeymoon would really be something special!


What is Mallorca known for? Why Mallorca?

The Beaches!

Mallorca is simply known for the exotic-like beaches. There are 262 beaches on Mallorca with a total length of 50 km! Some of the most beautiful ones are Coll de Baix, Playa Romantica, Cala Torta, Cala Mesquida and Cala Agulla in the North, and the beautiful Maldives-like Platja Es Trenc in the South. It is definitely a lot to choose from! I am sure a beach wedding would be something really remarkable, but if not – a post-wedding chill-out on the beach is a must!


Historical Sights


Are you a fan of medieval fortress, Roman architecture and picturesque corners? Mallorca is the right place to be. You have Alcudia Old Town, medieval town of Alcúdia, which is the island’s largest tourist hub in the north. Alcúdia is a perfectly restored walled city on the site of a Roman settlement with remains of ancient houses and a theatre. What I would recommend is to get lost in the beautiful alleyways and step in for a delicious coffee or a paella. Then you also have  Valldemossa – the beloved place of Chopin. It is a very popular tourist destination as it shows early Spanish culture. There are many shops and restaurants to indulge in Spanish culture.

Read more about Mallorca and its sights HERE (5 to-dos in Mallorca in less than a week)



Does it even need an introduction? Spanish food is a world-famous phenomenon that brings people from all around the world to this Mediterranean country. Mallorca is simply known for a great cuisine – both for meat eaters and vegetarians. Fresh fish, amazing sea food and delicious Sangria could be the main reason you would want you BID DAY to be held on this island.

The photos were taken at GUST Santi Taura Restaurant, Playa de Muro



Transport – Goldcar

Mallorca is not a large island, but you HAVE to have a car to be able to fully enjoy it. The distance is quite small (20/30km) from one place to another, but it takes a while as the island is a bit ‘hilly’. Driving through the island is a pleasure itself! Not only you have the motor ways, but also the cliff roads with the magnificent views of the turquoise water!

Goldcar is a car rental we are always using. They offer a great customer service, you can also rent a car from the airport and the choice is quite wide.

With my code: CARMELATTE you would get an additional discount of 15% 🙂


I also encourage you to see my ‘Top 10 STUNNING Wedding Destinations worldwide’ article.

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  1. I’ve never been to Mallorca before. It looks stunning to travel to and also have a wedding! Would love to hang out at the beaches and the Old Town.

  2. Looks like a beautiful place for a wedding or a vow renewal ceremony or really just to visit. It is interesting to learn that legal wedding ceromonies have to be inside. I wonder why they decided to make that requirement.

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