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November is the Month of Transition

Did you know that, symbolically, November seems to be a representation of the final stages of life, with winter being death? BUT. Since all the things get to reborn in some way or another, November seeks to show us not to fear the winter as spring will follow.

To me, this Month has a low energy and it have always been my least favorite 30days of the year – not gonna lie.

As much as I am not November number 1 fan, there is that one thing I really really love about it. It’s the air. November air smells fresh and feels crispy, and it makes me so calm. My morning walks are so crunchy and the fog looks so magical! This year I got a chance (or so to say this year kinda gave me no other choice) to live such little things. And for that I am very thankful.

2020 is the year of small things over big stuff. Hard to deny I get a chance to enjoy my slow mornings pretty much every day and I have managed to explore every inch of our flat. I spend a lot of time at home, despite my long walks and small trips to the mountains. As for my lounge wear, I have developed a new habit. I am a fan of wearing sweatpants + a hoodie combo. I really like how classy (can’t believe I am using this word referring to sweatpants) it looks in beige and carmel. I got myself two Mosquito pairs of sweat-sets and I enjoy wearing them around the house. I think, given the circumstances, it is really important to look our best at home – at least for the ones working in da house! Which one would you prefer?

As November is the month of transition, I also noticed a significant temperature drop, especially in the morning. I live in the mountains so you can feel that ‘winter is coming’ feeling in the air sometimes. In fact, we got quite a lot of snow in the mountains a Month ago.

So some of my walks got less colorful and colder. Days are shorter and the evenings cosier – at least with the help of some amazing candles and red wine. As much as I am not the fan of it, I am so looking forward to see how the festive period is going to look like this year!

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