August 2, 2014 Claudia 12Comment

There are no rules in the fashion game right now especially when it comes to the fashion prints of 2014. Although I am a fan of the classic look I just love to experiment with the prints and different styles sometimes. Our decade is going to be full of fashion surprises! I mean following trends are  inspired by the 70’s , 80’s and the 90’s all together . It surely must be some sort of a crazy combination with a lot of choices for everyone. Today’s outfit , for example, is a mix of romantic/artistic mood , 80’s and 90’s(Birkenstocks)….

July 23, 2014 Claudia 26Comment

It probably won’t be a surprise that architecture is the greatest source of inspiration for not only fashion designers but stylists , fashion bloggers and , according to my observations , many other creative fields including photographers , choreographs and make up artists. Taking an inspiration from an architecture does not neccessarily mean very popular (on the Parisian catwalk) skyscraper shapes but the colour palette and mood which is not always that obvious. My favourite places to take an idea from are romantic Catalan alleyways or Lisbon’s Alfama but I’ve found my Himmel here in  Berlin’s Friedrichshein, too! It’s the…

July 13, 2014 Claudia 1Comment

Being in Berlin for over the summer means getting a chance to see the fashion week’s events. Once again  the designers showcasing in Germany didn’t fail to present something new and eye catching. Berlin’s contemporary fashion scene is different to the main  European fashion cities such as London or Paris. Not everything goes in here , it’s more edgy and I wouldn’t say trend orientated. While the streets were full of very well-dressed people from all around the world , the showrooms and catwalk’s were filled with unexpected ideas such as 3D prints (and by 3D I mean the 3D…

July 2, 2014 Claudia 2Comment

The Serpentine Party is one of the most awaited social events in London. It’s a grat chance for British (and not only) celebs to shop themselves up with their amazingly beautiful partners and to present their fashionable ‘outdoor posh party’ outfits. As I already mentioned  textiles are the ‘rising star’ of the fashion world once again. Last time I wrote about digital and screen prints. Yes , they are fab and worth to possess in your wardrobe but it was an embellishment on Keira Knightley’s Huishan Zhang dress that stole the night. That particular outfit is all over the internet…

June 29, 2014 Claudia 2Comment

It’s been a very busy time here in London. Me and my fellow friends were preparing our End Of The Year independent fashion show in one of the most ‘artie’ parts of London – Camden Town. From what I’ve heard from my lovely guests we smashed it and everyone was very satisfied.My collection was inspired by 1970’s fashion , feminism movement , DIY attitude and my design guru – Diane von Furstenberg.  I was also trying to keep it quite simple , feminine and ready-to-wear. For my own show I chose to wear something fashionable , summery and elegant ….