Looking For A Perfect AND AFFORDABLE Winter Coat ? Here Is My Wish List

Finding a perfect winter coat is not easy. I keep experiencing the same problem every year – I tend to look for thousands of inspirations, street wear trends, catwalk trends and tones of fashion magazines. Not to mention about my trips to (oh no!) shopping centers. Fashionable coats anyone?

The truth is – the key silhouettes stay similar, and they have been QUITE alike for at least two past A/W seasons.

This is how they pretty much look this year:



  • no zip
  • no buttons
  • quite long
  • bathrob like

If you plan to invest more money, buy the black or beige version of a good quality coat.

Why? Well, being honest, this is what people like about the fall and its fashion. Bright and joyful colors are sort of ‘reserved’ for the spring/summer season, they way I see it. Apart from red, burgundy and some dark shades of green, there is no color I would like to wear in the next upcoming months. Let’s admit it – we like being grey, navy and black in the autumn 🙂

AND you can always buy yourself a nice colorful bag as an excuse 🙂


Here are some of my findings.  Remember to click on the picture in order to shop the item!



I would totally recommend to purchase this coat. It’s a great quality, and of a good price (in compare to the other high street chains). Moreover, it underlines the female silhouette and the lenght of it is perfect.


I really like the shape of the red coat from Orsay, but be aware –  it won’t last for long. The fabric contains a lot of polyester instead of wool. However, its price is quite low, and adequate to the quality of it.


Checked bathrobe coat from Chicwish is similar to what I am wearing on the header picture. I bought it in Zara TWO seasons ago ( I know what I am saying – the silhouettes stay the same 🙂 ), but I still love it and wear it. Well, check pattern is always in. Oh, also – BE QUICK it’s on sale !


This one from ZAFUL is probably one of the most feminine coats from today’s list. The cut underlines what is best in a female silhouette 🙂 Also available in black and beige (you are going to fall in love with the beige version!).


Green coat goes to my list because of its color. The olive was very fashionable back in 2014, and there was the whole variety of coats in this particular color in ZARA and H&M. Well, I haven’t seen a lot of it this year. Such a pitty – I think it’s a very autumn/winter appropriate shade, and people should wear it more often. It’s collar is also a good and interesting feature.


I name it a ‘Dementor Coat’. Definitely the best option for Londoners! It looks meeega stylish and cosy! Well, it seems to have everything people need – two massive pockets and a hood.


My newest discovery, avocadostyle, and their winter coat. Yes, it does look like a bathrobe a bit, but hey! be fashionable this year! I would wear it with the fake fur collar, Burberry (or Burberry inspired) scarf, and nice colorful accessories.


The ornaments on the coat are not ‘one-season-stand’, and the folk motifs are here to stay. The question is – do YOU want to wear it for more than one winter?


The cut of this coat is so high fashion, but it’s a dangerous color. Are you brave enough? 🙂 Also, the quality of the fabric speaks for itself – I wouldn’t wear it for the cold (bloody freezing) mornings.


Yes! French Connection quality is always great. I would recommend this coat for taller ladier – it is very long (well, it is called the floor-duster for a reason). Short girls, you still want it? It will defo keep you warm 🙂


The coat is on my list because of its color. I know it’s beige, but there is something unique and cool about it. It does look a bit like fleece, and a bit like suede. Or at least I see it that way. The coat is also available in black and grey. It’s a perfect example of what is IN this year!


This coat has something different about it. It is soooo Parisienne.  Very well-tailored, underlines the waistline PERFECTLY and the cut… The grey color is very subtle, and not depressing. Money well-spent!


This one is from my favorite high end store, &otherstories. I love them for their scandinavian looks, and a great approach to fashion. Be sure the fabrics they use are the best quality. The price is a bit higher, but for a reason – it’s a high end store.


Another one from &otherstories. Although it looks like a proper feminine coat, it is actualy a masculine cut! It is called a ‘Boyfriend Wrap Coat’ and is in fact constructed like one. BUT – there is nothing more sexy than wearing your boyfriend’s clothes. Try matching this one with the most feminine accessories you have – stilettos, ankle boots etc.


This is a kimono-silhouette. I remember being at the university, I designed my coat to be a kimono. I saw it at Dior and had fallen in love with it. I changed it for the final show, but actually regret it. I name this &otherstories kimono coat as my favorite finding from today’s list. Not only it’s red (my fav color!), but the lenght and the overall cut are just… perfect.


What do you think? Which one would you choose?

Don’t forget to check out my fall make-up from Ives Rocher propositions.




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