July 23, 2018 Claudia 6Comment

I am in general known for loving my hats and all the possible head covers. I think there is no better way to add ‘some character’ to every look. I collect hats and the head covers from everywhere I go. Whether it is a chic Made In Italy bandama or a straw hat from Morocco, they create my style and define who I am. As it was said at Vogue ‘Hats have the ability to take a look into new territory. Dress it up. Dress it down or make it feel a whole lot different.’ I am glad this year…

May 29, 2017 Claudia 47Comment

The benefits of spending a short break/weekend in the cabin house?  There are countless reasons! Apart from spending time among nature, breathing clean air, sunbathing and playing with our dog, we also enjoy kayaking and boats. We try to espace the city as much as we can, but apart from visiting our beloved European islands such as Tenerife, Mallorca or Santorini, we also enjoy the Polish countryside. It sort of became our tradition to pack my Mini up to the roof with the bbq accessories, delicious food, infloatable unicorn and the other neccessities – in my case the beauty products….