The Best Beaches in Dubai – Retreat and Fun in the City of Gold

There is a lot to do in Dubai, but ‘beachin” is definitely one of the top activities of the tourists coming to The City of Gold. The famous Arabian Gulf with its crystal clear waters is something people would want to experience.

I would not name the beaches as my favourite feature of Dubai, but they undoubtedly are unique. There are the whole loads going on – from water sports to skydiving!


Al Mamzar Beach

It took a while to get there as Al Mamzar Beach Park is located ‘at the edge’ of Dubai, but it was definitely worth it. The beach covers an area of 106 hectares which includes picnic areas, an amphitheatre, swimming pools, kid’s play areas, barbecue & food spots, lagoons and sheltered beach coves. You can enjoy yourself with the backdrop of Sharjah skyline and the palm trees. To me, it was the most exotic Maldives-like beach. I also call it a hidden treasure because of its location. It is definitely not one of the most popular beaches on Instagram, as it takes around 40 minutes driving from the Downtown area, which is considered quite a lot. I would definitely suggest coming here if you stay in Dubai for one week.

Al Mamzar Park has just been awarded blue flag beach status.


For my day on the beach, I wore Smeralda Swimwear. As I have previously mentioned in my Abu Dhabi article, I have never had a better-fitted bikini. Smeralda swimwear is inspired by the Caribbean and the Latino culture. The newest Pacifico Spring.18 collection is kept in a bohemian yet very chic mood. I have chosen the exotic print as it was also voted as one of the hottest resort trends of the S/S 2018 season.



Barasti Beach

I was excited to visit this Beach Club as I heard so much about it! It has got this Miami/Middle East vibe. Barasti Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the world – did you know about it? The venue offers loads of everyday events, live music played by the world-famous DJs as well as the coolest pool area!

It is definitely a must see for a group of friends, hen parties, couple holiday or even solo travellers! The live music will get you in a super cool mood, the view of The Palm in the front and Marina at the back will definitely remind you where you are!

 Umm Suqueim Beach (Public Beach)

Public Beach is probably the most recognizable beach (well, aside to Burj Al Arab beach) in the UEA, if not in the world! Wide sandy space, blue water and the most expensive 7-star hotel in the background. Umm Suqueim is very lively, but at the same time very crowded. It does not allow you the privacy, as there are loads of photo shootings or similar arrangements going on. I went there for the views, and I think it was worth it. It has got numerous food trucks, open bar and shower facilities. I would say it’s a perfect place to come with a group of friends for an evening swim or a chillout.


Black Palace Beach/ Al Sufouh Beach (Secret Beach)


The Black Palace Beach is a space between The Palm and the famous Burj Al Arab. It is said to be ‘a hidden beach’ – it’s easy to miss this hidden gem! I was quite surprised by the number of camper vans parked on this beach. Apparently, this is the best beach to come in at night. I bet it is also lovely and intimate during the day – this quiet beach offers a sublime view, with the Burj Al Arab on the right, and The Palm Jumeirah in front of you. Black Palace Beach is a wild beach with a free parking, but with no restaurants, umbrellas and sunbeds. It is not the best place for kids either, as there are no kid activities in there. A wild beach in the heart of the city!


Zero Gravity Beach Club

I wish I had known this place was so cool before I came to Dubai in January. This fabulous club was opened in 2016 and has apparently become one of the hottest spots in the city! Zero Gravity is a beach club located in Marina, only around 5 minutes driving from JLT station. Coming here means the summer night in the club, lunch on the beach, chill by the pool and sunrise for yoga! It is located in the heart of Marina, not too far from Barasti Beach and with the view of the billion dollar yachts. The way I see it, Zero Gravity is a great example of how Dubai is like. I would go there during the week, as the weekends might appear too busy to be able to relax. I personally loved their Happy Hour (6-8 PM) – we got two delicious Mojitos for as little as 60AED ( 14 euro). They also organize Brunch Parties and Ladies Nights, when entry fees of 200/300AED score you a bottomless party at one of the coolest places in the world!


La Mer Beachfront at Jumeirah Public Beach


La Mer advertises itself as ‘Laidback fun at Dubai’s eclectic beachfront, journey through the bustling backstreets of the Wharf and kicks back
at the beach. From breezy calm to action-packed fun, La Mer has something for everyone.’

I think La Mer is definitely the most fashionable and chic venue of today’s list. The restaurants and shops are new and designed in a very cool yet modern way. The beachfront is tiny and not intimate, but it has a great fashionable vibe! I would say it is a perfect place for an afternoon chill with friends. I also love the view of Burj Khalifa, the palm trees and Bahamas-like cabins. A mixture of everything with a lot of good taste!

To me visiting La Mer also means visiting Comptoir102. Comptoir102 is a showroom and a café at once. ‘The philosophy behind the café is to offer a more conscious and healthy lifestyle by bringing more sustainable and nutritious food to its guests, in harmony with our body, our souls and our environment...’. They are known for using the healthiest and Eco ingredients and they change their menu on a daily basis. I especially loved my charcoal black lemonade, watermelon salad and avocado toast. Comptoir102 was awarded the best furniture store by Harper’s Bazaar, and they are about to launch and introduce the new fashion label as well as beauty section.

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