Pazuki, Slow Fashion Label You Need To Know

Earlier this month, I shared an article about sustainable fashion and how to shop less for good quality, where I mentioned Pazuki, luxury British Designer, as one of my most trusted brands.

The way I see it, NOW is a perfect time for self-reflection, especially when it comes to shopping and fast-fashion. Where is this fast-fashion world leading us to? Do people really need so many items? Do YOU really need to look trendy at all cost? I also think this horrible quarantine period is an ideal time to support independent designers, local artists and talented people who create unique fashion. I could not have chosen a better slow fashion brand to introduce you to: PAZUKI, owned by Pookie Blezard, is the label you should know.

My dearest friend Domi introduced me to Pookie and Jenny in November last year. I have immediately fallen in love with the prints, fabrics and the overall vibe of S/S20 collection called Techno Safari. As some of you might know, I happened to graduate from Fashion&Textiles which means it is safe to say I can ‘see what’s behind it’. I can assure you – Pookie puts a lot of work and all her heart into creating her timeless clothes! My favourite piece? Venus Clematis maxi dress with the fancy contrast frill! The print screams ‘summer’ and ‘joy’, and the 100% viscose-rayon fabric is incredibly delicate and waves on the wind so beautifully!

SS20 Prints include Twinkle, Dream, Mosaic, Camouflage and Konfetti designed directly from Creative Director Pookie Blezard’s original oil paintings of Clematis, Roses, Lilies, and wild Piedmont meadow flowers.’

Pazuki prints are inspired by the exotic travels but also long walks to the local parks as Pookie lives in London – the city that never stops inspiring. The patterns are created from oil paintings and the printing machine runs very slowly in order to reproduce all the texture, rich colours and fine details. What about the fabrics? You won’t find a better choice – from
Silk Crepe de Chine, Silk Satin to the best quality Viscose Rayon Crepe de Chine!

Techno Safari pieces were meant to…accompany me to Kenya! What better choice for a safari trip? Unfortunately, due to the current corona-circumstances, I had to cancel my trip. Still, I couldn’t resist styling my Techno Safari pieces with… a little bit of humour. After all, Pazuki brand is all about creativity, individuality and unique ideas.

You can purchase all of the looks on their website HERE.

*The article is created in collaboration with Pazuki but all the opinions are my own. I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE this brand 🙂

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