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New Year, new trends…

While most of the wedding tendencies and traditions remain unchanged, wedding destinations trends are different every year. Some of the IT destinations, such as Kotor in Montenegro, emerged only just last year but there are some really strong destination wedding locations that would require bookings years in advance. Where will the couples tie the knot this year?

I read quite a lot of wedding-related publications, searched through Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest as well as some of the major travel websites. There are loads of fabulous new destination ideas but 5 of them appear in almost all of the wedding articles.

IT wedding destinations of 2020 are…


I actually wrote the whole article about destination weddings on this paradise island a few years ago. It is not a great surprise Santorini remains a TOP trend in 2020 as well. Santorini and its views scream ‘wedding photography’ from far away. The ‘I do’ season is about to boost… in a Month. Yes, the so-called high season has been extended from June-September to April-October. Are you in a hurry to tie the knot, and would you like to do it in 2020 rather than 2023? I would recommend Paros and Amorgos. Both Cycladic islands are less crowded, the views are equally stunning and you won’t need to wait a few years for your desired venue. AND you could visit Santorini to take some wedding photos after the big day.


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Surprise? Not really. Hawaii is not the most affordable wedding destination (average venue spend is $12,346) but it places itself as one of the most covetable locations in 2020. Stunning beaches, paradise-like surroundings and the atmosphere like nowhere else. I really hope I will get the chance to explore this place myself this year!


Antigua is not only an emerging destination wedding trend. This Caribbean island gained quite a lot of popularity among international travellers during the last few years. It is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and magnificent reef (the island is literally surrounded by the reef). There are a lot of stunning 5***** beach resorts such as Hermitage Bay, simply DESIGNED to be a wedding venue. Check it out before it is too late!


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Thailand means ‘The land of sun’. It is such a stunning country offering a lot to its visitors – from paradise-like beaches, colourful temples to astonishing rain forests and lakes. Phuket is undoubtedly the most popular destination which means it would also be the most crowded. I have chosen Thailand to be my wedding destination as I have fallen for the vibe, exotic beaches and the food. It is safe to say a beach wedding in Thailand will be an unforgettable journey you and your guests will remember forever. Instead of Phuket, however, I would choose more intimate locations, such as Koh Lanta or Zeavola Resort on Phi Phi Island where we had our wedding last year. Ahh, amazing memories!

Bora Bora

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This tiny French Polynesian island has vast blue beaches and is nature at its best for a destination wedding setting. If you are the kind of person who wants to keep your wedding extremely private and a very small, selective affair, this is the one for you. Boat being the only way to get to and from your resort, transportation could be a problem here, but if you have everyone around you with all the necessities, this is an experience that you are going remember through-out your life.

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