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Wellness Weekend in Sorrento

I spent the last weekend of June in one of my favourite places in Italy, Sorrento. I chose to come here for the last couple of days of my Italian trip because, as you might have found out from my Insta Stories, I had quite a hectic time and packed itinerary.

Sorrento is a small town but has everything an Italophile needs in order to feel ‘I am in Italy’. First of all – views! Sorrento cliffs are breathtaking. Great food (Gnocci alla Sorrentina is a must!), wine (Aglianico!), gelato and a fantastic atmosphere.

The town’s location makes it a perfect base for the ones wanting to explore the Gulf of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Capri, Ischia and Procida are a short boat ride away, you can drive to Positano and Amalfi (Positano is only about 30 minutes away when there is no traffic) and Pompei is just around the corner, too.

Plus, Sorrento is completely walkable. You can stroll around, watch the sunset from the cliff (oh how amazing it was!). The only thing that is missing are the beaches, but there is the small Puolo, where you can chill for a bit.

I went to Sorrento on my own (I support solo female travel!) and the aim was to truly enjoy the moment in a slow travel style. Ideally, I wanted to get a nice massage, meditate with the view, drink some healthy smoothies and do some gym exercises (after two weeks of pizza&pasta diet…). I have previously been to Hotel Cristina, so I decided to stay in another Colonna Hotels property – Central Wellness Hotel Sorrento.

Once again, you can feel a great atmosphere the moment you enter the place. Let me quote…. myself from a few years ago ‘(…) The hotel is a family-owned property, which makes the place really welcoming. You can feel a great atmosphere the moment you enter the reception. The owners are really passionate and proud about what they are doing and it is clearly visible all over their properties.’ I am so glad for the opportunity to experience this sort of atmosphere again.

Here at Central Wellness Hotel, they are really passionate about a healthy lifestyle. The gym looks quite impressive with all the equipment and 3 separate areas. They also have a few personal trainers doing sessions for the hotel guests.

What I find the most interesting – there a possibility for a chamber yoga and meditation class on their rooftop terrace (see the photos below). Imagine – yoga with the view of Mt Vesuvio at the sunrise… ahh. It has a total Namaste Vibe. I had an amazing sunset meditation myself and it felt amazing to watch the sun setting down.

The Wellness Center at the Hotel is quite new and offers a relaxed atmosphere. As for the equipment – you will find a Turkish bath, emotional shower, hot tub with waterfalls, tea corners and naturally – an amazing massage room. I had an amazing Sensorial Massage (de-stressing manual techniques, application with oils, essences and warmth) followed by a lovely bath and a healthy smoothie. What a perfect way to start a day!

You can find the offers here.

I also had a room with a spacious terrace on the 5th floor. The view was simply breathtaking and incredibly calming – with all the space, city lights and Mt Vesuvio.

Perfect, isn’t it?

As for Sorrento, I really recommend ‘getting lost’. See the cliffs, the impressive marina, eat some Limoncello ice cream in Primavera Gelateria (the best gelato in this part of Italy!!). Try gnocchi alla Sorrentina in one of the small restaurants, try local limoncello and definitely have a glass of Limoncello Spritz! The procedure of making is pretty much the same as the old good Aperol but it is SO much better! Oh also – try Caciocavallo cheese, the local deliciousness from the region.

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