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10 Reasons You Should Go On an Agri Holiday

Agritourism is growing in popularity at an unbelievable rate. Agri is a popular choice for lots of milennials because it can be super flexible. An agritourism experience could be an afternoon at the local farm, or a whole summer at a vineyard, or anything in between!

People are also  becoming increasingly aware of the food they eat, where it comes from and the work that goes into producing it – educating children and adults alike about the processes that bring food from the farm to the supermarket is an important part of an agritourism venture. Many agricultural operations have been in business for decades, and some for a century or longer! Visiting these places offers a living history lesson, as well as a deep appreciation for that particular place in the world.

The farmers and ranchers who work that land know the subtlety of their area’s weather, the quirks of its soil and the most efficient way to coax a living out of the land they stand on. The stories they can share are sure to offer a deep sense of place.

There are a lot of reasons why you would definitely enjoy a cosy rural holiday!

1. Slow Life

Slow life is a synonymous of a luxury. Countryside is the best place for a me-time, to relax and to forget about the rat race for a moment. I think this is the main reason of a fast growing popularity of an agri-tourism. Whether it is a retreat, wellness, yoga or just a weekend away – slow vacay guaranteed.     2.  Delicious Food

There is no doubt being on a farm means fresh and healthy food. It counts as an experience itself! It depends which country you go to, but agri-food is always fresh, eco and incredibly delicious (well- because it is fresh). These days, people who own agri places care a lot about the vegetarians, vegans and people with allergies.   3. Out-of-reach mood

Being on a farm is a perfect excuse to turn your phone and laptop off. You could do anything you want on a fresh air!   4. Charming Accommodation

The majority of agri places are charming, just like the Follonico house on the picture below. It is such a picture square place, full of green color. 5. Workshops

Hence the ‘experience holiday’  became really popular in 2017/2018, a lot of agri places offer their own cooking classes, clay master class,  honey making etc etc. I think it would make a great and valuable lesson for years! It might not be the most affordable activity, but it would definitely make an investment for years! 6. Farm Exprience

Farm vacation….connects you with your food. It can be anything from fruit picking or wine tasting to roping cattle on a ranch, or in our case at Can Pujolet, holidays in a beautiful rural location where fruits and vegetables are grown. 7. Homey Atmosphere

‘At-home’ feeling is not exactly a holiday goal, but being on a farm/ farm-like house makes you feel like you are at ‘home’. In a sense you feel welcome.   8. Nature

Agritourism gives you a reason to visit rural communities and take the road less traveled. It invites you to step out of the standard busy vacation mode!   9. Peace of Mind

Being away/ out of town means it is time to relax. Nature will allow you to refresh, think everything over, reload your batteries as well as to just clear your mind.     10…. Because Being Eco is Trendy!

I am really glad being eco means being trendy these days! It is the most effective and healthy trend.


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