3 Destinations I Have to Tick Off My List in 2021

First of all, I really can’t believe it’s 2021 in two days but it is probably the sentence you see on every blog. Thank God 2020 is over, the anti-Covid vaccine is on its way and we can slowly predict the better future.

It has been a tough year for all of us, travel people, and 2021 will also be a difficult one. Travel industry won’t simply open ‘just like that’ and we need to learn how to co-op with the new sanitary regime, which means less travel, more expensive travel tickets, ‘richer’ insurance. Our travel habits need to change as well, we need to learn how to rely on travel agents and organizations. Why? It seems like an easier, stress-free option. At least for some time.

My bucket list used to be much bigger, at least 12 countries, 5 new ones, massive plans. I won’t aim that high in 2021. I would love to visit 3 countries, and it would be just right to fulfil my travel hunger.


Ok, I wouldn’t want to advertise going to Egypt on my blog but 2021 is the year I am going to do it myself, no press trips and no deals. Egypt is said to be a dangerous country with huge possibilities of attacks on tourists… but what I am planning is an All-Inclusive Holiday with a top German travel agency. I would never have thought of using such services but going to Egypt on my own seemed too much of planning, super tricky and dangerous. I am planning my visit in February-March in order to escape winter without having to worry about any cancellations and planning issues. Apart from just watching sunsets, I also plan signing up for diving courses (which is 2x cheaper than the same course in Asia) and some small excursions to see the major sights.

Row Camels Walk Pyramids Together Source


I was meant to go to Kenya in March 2020 and it is not something I would like to give up on. My plan is Nairobi and Mombasa. In Nairobi, I have planned to do 3-day safari trip, giraffes (you know, in House of Waine) while Mombasa would just be the beach holidays. The views in Mombasa are similar to Zanzibar but it is also much cheaper, less popular and therefore less crowded. I am hoping to get back with loads of nice press materials!

source : JT Safari


By Indonesia, I mean Bali and Borneo. It is another of my trips that got brutally cancelled by Covid at the beginning of 2020. I would love to escape to Indonesia at the end of next year, possibly for Christmas. Instead of Bali, I would love to focus on wild Borneo – see the crocs, beautiful nature, taste the real Indonesian food and take on a boat trip around the island. Bali is a must-see only to tick it off my list.

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