5 Bucket List Destinations

Hilarious how the past lockdown period has made people aware of how lucky they are. Most of my friends travel internationally on a regular basis – Spain, Italy, the Middle East and Asian countries. For a moment, our ‘travel future’ was not certain and it was terrifying for the majority of Millennials! Today, the end of May, the corona-situation became clearer, much more stable. It is ok to make travel plans again.

Many countries, such as Japan or Italy, are willing to cover 10-20% of travel expenses in order to encourage people to visit their sights. Plane tickets literally disappear from my Skyscanner feed and travel websites feature ‘The Best Places to Travel in June’ articles every day. Are we back on track?

As for me, I decided to take it easy for a little while, at least two first Months of ‘this new reality’. I have a clear list of places I want to visit in the next upcoming months but I won’t rush investing in plane tickets just yet.

My bucket list:


Hawaii has always been my biggest dream! Idyllic beaches, volcanic landscapes, diversity and Aloha-lifestyle… what more could you ask for?

source : Radio Z


I have been to Asia several times but never had a chance to visit this amazing country! Ha Long Bay, Ho Chi Minh, Mekong Delta – to name a few sights! I am hoping my Vietnam trip to happen in July as I truly can’t wait!

source: pinterest

Bhutan, Himalaya

Bhutan is one of a kind destination, mainly because of its entrance fee – it’s $250 per person per day. It is not an affordable journey and definitely not overcrowded with selfie-sticks.

source: pinterest


I have always wanted to visit Mexico! Not only the famous Riviera Maya (Tulum) but also Chichen Itza, Pyramids of Teotihuacan and Cenote. I would love to try all the tacos, street food and party in Guadalajara! Mexico seems like a very hospitable country.

French Polynesia

I imagine French Polynesia being like ‘hilly Maldives’ or ‘like the Maldives but with the mountains’. Well, to me it is the most perfect combination in the world!

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