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5 Great Winter Honeymoon Ideas

Given the circumstances, it is really hard to even THINK about a honeymoon or even a short couple weekend but… it is something you could consider doing. Some of the couples I know had to cancel their wedding or shift to a ‘safer date’ meaning…. to November- February. You guys have no idea how lucky you are. Winter weddings are a THING these days! The venues, the decor and the wedding dresses are fabulous and there are so many options to make such wedding a real fairytale! (check HERE).

As for the honeymoon in winter… there are so many great options to choose from! Winter escapes are the quintessence of a honeymoon – you can not only escape the cold but also load your vitamin D batteries. It is often more affordable, less crowded and much more convenient in terms of time off work. Lucky you!

I have chosen 4 fabulous 5-star venues and one 4-star but super high standard resort I would DEFINITELY choose for my honeymoon option. I tried to pick ‘something for everyone’ and despite the fact the list is rather short, there are various options for the couples with different types of interests. If not the pandemic situation, I would be ‘richer’ in a few great options from Kenya and Bali. I promise to catch up on that as soon as this is all over!

The aim of this post? Perhaps it will inspire some of you in this difficult time, and if not – at least it might give you a hint of positiveness. Stay strong and happy planning!

Zeavola Resort and Spa, Phi Phi Island

I am coming back to Zeavola at least once a week – in my memories. It is our wedding resort, a real paradise on Earth. I couldn’t have chosen a better place to tight the knot but Zeavola is also known for being an ideal honeymoon resort! It is located around 30 minutes by boat from the main Phi Phi harbour which means you will get the impression you actually are on a private island. It is not only luxurious but the laid-back vibe gives you the home away from home feel. We will definitely be back!

Kandima, Maldives

Kandima is an affordable luxury. The vibe of this place is one of a kind. It is located on a 3,5km island which means there is a lot to do. We were lucky enough to stay in two different types of accommodations – overwater villas and beach bungalows. The laid-back luxury vibe, pink interior elements, fabulous pools and… well Maldives state of mind. Read more about this place and my experience from there under this link.

Atlantis, Bahamas

Unlike Zeavola and Kandime, Atlantis is a huge complex.
It is an ocean-themed resort located on Paradise Island, just off Nassau.   This place would make a perfect option for adventurous couples. It is known for its water park which includes fresh and saltwater lagoons, pools, marine habitats, water slides, and river rides and much more. Atlantis is usually super crowded but the honeymoon suites would give the couples the privacy they would be after.

Dusit Thani, Abu Dhabi

It is the only skyscraper hotel I am mentioning today but I know there are many city hotels enthusiasts. Abu Dhabi is much calmer than ist neighbour emirate, Dubai which makes it a lot better destination for the honeymooners. It has some idyllic Maldives-like beaches (Zaya Nurai) and fabulous 5-star city hotels, such as Dusit Thani. The honeymoon suites with the view and a rooftop pool area are super luxurious and food is one of a kind. The place worth a recommendation for sure!

Coco Cape Lanta Resort, Koh Lanta

Coco Cape is the only 4-star hotel in today’s shortlist but I couldn’t resist mentioning this fabulous place. Koh Lanta is one of the Thai islands we visited after our wedding. It is huge, has some amazing beaches but what is most important – it is less known than Phi Phi and Phuket. It means there are no crowds and you will get some privacy. Coco Cape is located on a cliff, with some fabulous views, amazing honeymoon suites ( we actually got one) and infinity pool. The atmosphere, standards and food are really great. Unfortunately, I don’t have many photos as I took some time off during our stay there but check it out HERE.

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