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5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Elegant Ladies (Last Minute!)

Valentine’s Day is one of the most controversial occasions, especially in the times of Covid. Some people say it is a harmful holiday and put an outstanding pressure on relationships. The others say it is a cheerful day and they love to celebrate it with their loved ones.

The way I see it, V-Day is not an overly important day to celebrate but I do believe every occasion is great to celebrate love. And the 14th of February is a great opportunity to gift our loved ones with what they deserve – thoughtful gifts that would show them you know what they want.


Simple, yet always meaningful and elegant – pearls are ALWAYS an excellent gift choice for the Valentine’s Day. Traditionally, pearls have symbolized everlasting love, loyalty and wisdom. They could also represent new beginnings, a fresh start, loyalty and innocence. To me, they are the greatest attribute of elegance and a timeless accessory.

As you know from my past blog articles, I was never really into mass-production and I support independent brands with a soul only. Let me introduce you to Gemondo, a British jewellery brand specializing in fine and demi-fine gemstones and metals. I stumbled across their elegant Instagram page while I was looking for pearl earrings that stand out but are yet timeless and classy. In today’s post I am wearing their Baroque Pearl & Sapphire drop earrings paired with two lovely Pearl & Peridot rings. They caused the WOW-effect with no doubt, and would compliment the majority of my feminine dresses and retro looks. I think such jewellry would make a perfec gift for ANY occasion, not just the V-Day. I am also attaching their incredibly elegant packaging as I believe wrapping is important. The brand offers a next day UK delivery so it would also make a last minute gift idea for all the forgetful lads out there.


‘I only drink champagne on two occasions…’ Coco Chanel once said ‘(…) when I am in love and when I am not’. A few of my friends have a laugh that rosé(S) were practically made for this occasion. Expensive, pink and unique – what more could you ask for? A bottle of champagne is a special treat one would spare for special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, birthday or anniversaries. I think it would make a PERFECT gift idea for elegant ladies. A bottle of a good champagne starts from around
£30 for a bottle. It is a great last minute luxury gift idea!

Timeless Designer Accessory

This is the sort of gift you would have to really think through. I keep saying buying vintage is the key – especially when it comes to Chanel. This particular advice is probably the most expensive from today’s list and you would have to think it over but Chanel accessories are a great investment in general.

Her Fav Perfume

OK, this might not be a revolutionary idea but is always works. Always. A bottle of her favorite perfume would never go to waste. You can never go wrong with the ‘safe’ gifts. Alternatively, you could also go for niche perfume brands. I got Sunnamusk London as a Christmas gift from my sister, and I love it. She knew what kind of fragrances I use so she was able to determine the leading scents in order to pick the right oils for me.

Experience Gift

I have already written quite a lot of blog post about such gift ideas. I would personally be very pleased with such gift. What I have in mind is either a fancy hotel stay, cooking class, bungee jumping, racing experience (for extreme ladies), beauty salon voucher or a plane ticket to an exotic country. It depends on a preference, really. Taking this horrible times into a consideration it would also be thoughtful to support businesses that suffer the most because of Covid situation – restaurants, airlines, travel agents. Most of them offer beautifully made gift vouchers you could use in the future (safer times will come). It could also make a good last minute gift as most of the places offer online vouchers you could either send as an e-mail or print yourself. Go for it 🙂

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  1. Chocolate and flowers are a good start, but an extra-thoughtful present is something a little more strategic. Giving a romantic gift is all about knowing your partner. If you’ve been married for 30 years, you know them pretty damn well, but you might be stumped on how to surprise them. If you’ve been dating for three months, you probably have a lot left to learn, including what kind of gift will strike the right chord without being overly cheesy. Finesse is required, whether your relationship is brand spanking new or in its golden years, whether you’d prefer to spend a little or a lot. Should you be scrambling last-minute in the days ahead of the sappiness-fest that is Valentine’s Day, allow us to help you crush that gift-giving occasion with the following 50 ideas. Each will give the day a dash (or heap) of romance.

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