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7 Luxurious Christmas Gift Ideas

Happy December everyone!

How is you Christmas prep going? Are you as busy as I am? I literally don’t have enough time for anything, which is really sad. I am always trying to make December very special and dedicate a lot of time to my friends and family, which is not always possible. It is in fact a very busy period of time for the majority of industries and I had quite a lot of tasks to fulfill.

What about the Christmas gifts? I actually ‘prepare’ the list in my head and it takes… all year round. I always take some photos, notes and I usually know what I want to give to my loved ones waaay before ‘the madness’. I usually follow my 2 rules – practical and good quality. Some presents wait to be given since July, some of them were ordered yesterday and some still need to be bought. I never really go crazy and would never let myself become a victim of the Christmas traps.


You have still got 6 days left – it is actually a lot and definitely enough time to buy a lovely gift for your friends and family.


What I would recommend is :



Cashmere Pieces

I have found London Cashmere Company in November and have fallen in love with my 100% cashmere pieces. I have a hat and two jumper and they are absolutely great in terms of quality. I am sure a cashmere piece would make a perfect gift idea for a fashionista, who is aware of good quality. Unfortunately, getting LCC item is only possible if you live in London (for now), but there are a few online stores, such as Negozio Cashmere.  I would recommend getting cashmere accessories, such as gloves, hats or scarves. Well toned colors are always the best (and the safest) idea!

Copper Mugs

I am very happy about the copper mugs from Goody Goods I have received last week. They not only look stylish but are good for both – cold and hot drinks. You will definitely see a lot of them on my photos and I can not wait for the long cozy winter nights with my hot chocolate or mulled wine. I think it would make a perfect gift idea for either a couple of a friend who loves chic and statement homeware.


Luxury Bed Linen

Not too long ago receiving bed linen was considered ‘lame’ but these days it is not. Especially when the linen is made of 100% linen, super soft and luxurious. I have fallen in love with our new Magic Linen set. It is very soft and because of its great quality, I am sure it would serve us for years to come. Magic Linen have got some really amazing pieces including kitchen linens, table linens and even linen clothing, so be sure to check their luxury store to get more inspiration.

Niche Perfume

This is a great idea if you know the person, you are aware of his/her favourite scents and the character. I have observed this tendency for over the past years – people like unique scents. Despite the fact Chanel No 5 is still on the top, my friends and family often go for niche brands when it comes to perfume, such as Le Labo. It has only the positive aspects – you really feel unique and no one knows ‘what smell is it?’. I have fallen in love with ANIMA VINCI Jasmine Yang perfume. It does have a hint of mandarin, yuzu and pink pepper and is definitely more of an evening scent rather than a daily perfume. The brand is quite pricey in compare to the commercial brands but it is worth it – the scent lasts for long and I am getting loads of compliments in it. What I would also recommend is Arabian Oud, which I tested during National Wedding Show at EXCEL in October. It would do as a bridal scent for sure! What I also loved is Thameen I was using last winter. It was a hair mist, but lasted for the whole day and despite the fact the scent was very heavy, it felt quite delicate on me.


Designer Bag

The designer bag is a great idea – I am telling you. The majority of ladies dream of a ‘the one and only’ and Christmas is a perfect opportunity to make this dream come true. There are loads of online stores with a good payment options. You can often pay in 3 or 4 installments, which is great as it is quite of a spend. There are often sales, discounts or good deals, which you would never get in store. The majority of shops also offer next day delivery, which is great for the last minute people (like me) :). I would recommend to look at matchesfashion , mytheresa, fashionette and louisaviaroma. Be sure you would be able to find something nice! Check out my blog post on designer bags for the reference 🙂


Chic Cosmetic Set

Every lady loves a bit of pampering, especially using some great quality cosmetics. I think Un Air d’Antan, the French brand I worked with last month, would make a great choice.The brand offers loads of Christmas gift sets for over the festive period. The quality of the products is really good – I especially love the body butter and the perfume. The scent I have is quite sweet but there are loads of different options. Price wise it is a great deal – £22 for such gift set is a great price as a single scrub or body butter is a cost of £10/12. I also don’t think is lame to give someone a set – it is actually very practical and you can never go wrong when it’s a good luxurious brand! You can get a fast delivery – within the next day UK! It is also beautifully (and eco) wrapped and literally ready to be given 🙂






Champagne is a good idea in the majority of cases – unless someone is not the fan. It is a chic gift and would also be a very practical one, as it is good to have a bottle of bubbles at home. I especially like the Christmas/holiday editions of bottles. I saw this lovely Piper Heidsieck on Frankfurt Airport the other day and automatically thought this might be the bottle I want to get for  for my mother’s b-day. It would definitely make a perfect Christmas gift idea for a chic and stylish champagne lover. Apparently, the lipstick box could serve as a cooler when the bottle is finito, which means it would also be a great interior style element. I am sure the champagne producers are very creative in designing Christmas bottles, so be sure to check your wine shop or get it at the airport on your way home 🙂


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