Two Days in Kuala Lumpur

We visited Kuala Lumpur during our trip to Asia in May this year. We took our wedding guests for 2 weeks holiday after the Big Day so I planned to see a few places (the more the better).

We were originally meant to travel to Cambodia, Siem Reap but it turned out the majority of guests weren’t as excited as I was so I switched to Malaysia instead.

My sister had previously warned me it is not a great idea for a long trip so I went for 3 nights and 2 full days. It appeared to be just right for Kuala Lumpur.

How did we get there?

We took a plane from Phuket. Air Asia flies a few times a day, and the price is very attractive. We 115 MYR one way (around $30). We were a group of 20 people so we ordered a mini van that took us to our apartments. It took 40 minutes and cost around 10$ each.

Our Stay

I had to plan a trip for over 20 people so I had to be quite considerate of their budget. We were accompanied by students, 60-year olds as well as by people who don’t really travel so much. An apartament was the best possible option.

We stayed at Regalia Suites and it was a great experience. We arrived very late, at 2 AM and a few rooms were… not clean and not what we expected. I ended up calling the booking agency and we immediately got a change (AT 2 AM). Heads up for them. They upgrated my parents and god parents to a luxury suite with the perfect view on Petronas Towers.

The cost of such apartments was very little, around $20 per person for 3 nights. We also get to use all the facilities including the rooftop infinity pool – the real highlight of our stay!

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I did not really have any specific plan but I knew one day has to be dedicated to Batu Caves.

We were told the sightseeing time is a few hours but we managed to see everything in just 1,5 hrs. My husband played with monkeys most of that time…

Batu Caves is a must-see for everyone who travels to Asia, that is for sure.

Be careful of the stealing monkeys 😛

Our second day was dedicated to Kuala Lumpur City Center so we went to see China Town at first. The way I see it, it was a waste of time. China Town in KL is not what you expect it to be – cheap fake designer items and Thai food instead of the real Chinese experience. I would skip it.

After the Chinese market fiasco, we went to see the colourful Thean Hou temple of the Chinese sea goddess Mazu. It is one of the oldest and largest temples in Southeast Asia. Inside Thean Hou Temple there is a modern Buddhist pagoda and plenty of Buddha images enshrined in the octagonal hall. We enjoyed this activity a lot but make sure you get a number from your cab driver because it is impossible to catch a taxi on the way back.

Kuala Lumpur’s street markets are arguably the best places for first-time visitors looking to experience authentic Malaysian culture. We went to the famous Kasturi Walk, located beside Central Market. I think sampling the local cuisine is a must-do, especially while in Asia. There were a few really tasty street foodies at Kasturi Walk but I especially loved the fresh smoothies, fresh coconut water and some ice cream.

Central Market was a cool experience as well but it was nothing like the famous Bangkok market. The way I see it, some of the items were overpiced – especially clothes. Nevertheless, I got some durian coffee for my granny for durian chocolates for my friend’s b-day (she actually throw it outside the window once she got it, haha). Sampling durian foods was one of a kind experience for sure!

One thing you have to be very considerate about are the taxis. Travelling by cab is not expensive in Asia – let’s not deny it. I just don’t really like people being dishonest. Myself and a friend wanted to grab some food but we didn’t like what they served at Regalia Suites and wanted to try some Malaysian cuisine instead. A cab driver approached up offering us his ‘kind help’. He dropped us literally 500m outside the hotel and wanted 30 MYR for it (while the fare was 5 MYR). Make sure you ask your driver to turn the taximeter on, and then you can tip them.

A must-do evening activity is the KLCC fountain show!
KLCC fountain water show takes place at noon and night every day: from 12 pm to 2:00 pm, and 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm during the weekdays. On public holidays and weekends, it is on from 10:00 am to 12 midnight. You can watch the show at noon each day in case you do not have time for a night show. However, the KLCC fountain show will be much more magnificent and impressive at night. Notably, the evening shows that have not only colorful lights, beautiful dancing fountain but also beautiful music for enjoyment. It often starts at 8pm, 9pm & 9.45pm…

Summarizing, in 2 days we managed to see :

  • Batu Caves
  • Central Market
  • Kasturi Walk Street Market
  • China Town (waste of time!)
  • Thean Hou Temple
  • Fountain Show
  • We also managed to chill by our amazing infinity pool ( and we scored one party too!)

Is it worth going to Kuala Lumpur while in Asia?

The most frequent Malaysia-regarding question on my social channels. I think visiting Kuala Lumpur is a great alternative to Thai beaches. I would say it depends on what you are up to, and whether you are happy to visit the capital city and wander around in such high temperatures. If yes – go for it.

Pricewise, Malaysia is cheaper than Thailand but only if you skip the alcohol. The bottle of a mid-range vodka was $50 while French wine, not very best one, was around $20. The food, on the contrary, was much cheaper than it was in Thailand. Lunch for two people incl coconut water and a soft drink was around $4.

Most of my friends and family go to Asia for two weeks, which is an optional stay – not too long and not too short. I think a trip to Kuala Lumpur should be a matter of two days as you would be able to see much more that we did if you wish to. I am usually ‘on to go’ so I decided to skip some parts and stay by the pool. After all, Regalia offers the best view of the city!

Needles to say, the end of May is not the best period to visit Malaysia in general. With the temperatures hitting 35 degrees, it was quite difficult to move around, especially in the city centre. Be considerate of that when planning your future trip to Kuala Lumpur.

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