All White Everything – Nothing Extraordinary But The Most Effective Summer Look

‘All White Everything’ might actually be nothing special, but it is my favorite summer habit. As soon as the temperature hits the magical 20 degrees I drag my white wardrobe out. Or at least I used to – I have all my white wardrobe out because I travel all year round these days.

To me ‘white‘ portraits: the innocent, the femininity, the elegance, the pure. It is one of my favorite shades in both interior design and fashion. A good white dress does not require a lot of accessories and the immortal white shirt + shorts does not even need a comment.

I am glad the high street chains, such as ZARA offer quite a wide range of white garments every year. A fashionable white shirt could make you’re ‘old’ look IT and a good quality white dress could serve for years! I would especially suggest investing in linen. It is on trend now – which means widely available. Make sure the white garment you are getting contains at least 80% natural fibre or at least is made of viscose. Viscose is not 100% natural, but it is easy to wear, does not crease and the quality is always on point.



A delicate embroidered white dress is definitely a leading trend of this season. It looks great in a casual outfit or in slightly more elegant approach – perhaps with the chic sandals or evening jewellery.

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100% Linen Buttoned Down Dress

Linen might not be the easiest fabric to wear, but it definitely is the healthiest option for the summer. I am glad to see more ladies wearing linen dresses, shirts and skirts – especially the ‘IT’ silhouette of the season – the buttoned linen dress with the waist belt. I chose the option with the flared sleeve as I think it makes it more feminine and chic, but the sleeveless options are really stylish as well.

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100% Linen Buttoned Down Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is never a bad idea, but its linen version for the summer is a total must. It looks great paired up with the off-the-shoulder top and every basket size. A good quality linen skirt is a great investment for years!

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This particular NA-KD dress is made of polyester, but the girly ruffles made me have it. The structure of the fabric makes it a bit edgier, but the ‘cold sleeve’ cut and the ruffles add the summery feel to it. If not the polyester I would call it my favourite discovery of this season.

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Crop Top

I am not the big fan of crop tops. I just don’t think they are elegant and why would you cut a good garment? This year, I asked my granny to made one for me, and well – I quite like it!. It had quite a ‘massive’ top part and the ruffles, which does not make the garments to be ‘vulgar’. I wear it with the A-line long skirts only, as I still think it wouldn’t look elegant paired up with the shorts.


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Wide Leg Pants

I love wearing wide leg pants, specially made of silk satin. They always look very elegant and the silk won’t make you sweat in the summer. Although the ‘wide leg’ is a trend this year, it would make a great investment for longer. Wide leg trend is inspired by the vintage fashion from the 30’s – it is a timeless classic you have to have in your wardrobe.


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White Shoes

2018 is the year of the white shoes in general. Whether they are sandals, wedges or another pair of sneakers – every InstaFashionista is wearing them like crazy! My favourite shoes of the summer were the cotton flip flops with the bow detail and my white-silver wedges. I also pair my standard pencil skirt + top with my white Adidas from time to time.

Adidas Superstar Glitter from Footlocker here



It is said to be the most fashionable length of the season – at least according to the WGSN (British trend forecasting website). I love my 100%cotton white dress with the embroidery detail from last year. It looks great with the wedges as well as with the flat satin flip flops.

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White Maxi

White maxi only for the bride? Not this season, no.  Some of the leading high street brands, such as Reserved have a couple of them on offer. It would make your summery outfit very romantic and girly. Pair it up with a raffia hat or something casual and ‘beachy’ in order to avoid looking too formal.

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White Coat

My white coat is made of linen and I absolutely love it. I wear it with the straw hat to avoid looking like I just left my laboratory 🙂 Again – linen is not the easiest fabric to wear as it creases, but it is the best fabric for the summer evenings.

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Tied Up Shirt

Another great vintage style inspired by Cindy Crawford and her beach style of the 80’s. Tied up white shirt looks insanely great with the denim shorts, but I also like it with the mid-length skirt! It would look great with the immortal 511 and the wide leg pants too. It is such a great garment to have and not only for this season.

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Wrap Shirt

Therefore I pay a tribute to my favourite fashion designer, Diane von Furstenberg who designed the very first wrap dress. It is not something super easy and comfortable to wear, but look at how chic it looks. This summer it has to be white with the dots, because dots are everywhere.

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