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Personally , I find  my iPhone’s battery the worst disaster of  the 21st century. It is very handy to be in touch , have all important e-mails and messages delivered at any time but when it comes to ring for a taxi to get home after a night out the battery suddenly decides to die. Ana Slavka , an Australian fashion entrepreneur probably had the same opinion when she created The Mighty Purse : a leather clutch with a built-in charger that makes suffering from a dead-battery a thing of the past. ‘Like most people , I was in a situation where my phone was running out of battery every day. I spoke to other women about the clutch idea and they thought it was great.’ says Slavka. How clever ! Apparently a small battery pack is inserted into lining and you are able to charge your phone by connecting it to a built-in micro USB that can be used by various smartphones.

Christmas wishlist? Yes , please

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