Beaux Bijoux – Classic, Stylish Pieces You Should Have

‘ …Tiffany’s … Cartier… Black Star, Frost, Gorham
Talk to me, Harry, Winston, tell me all about it!
There may come a time when a lass needs a lawyer
But diamonds are a girl’s best friend!’
Sang Marilyn Monroe.

Are they? Let’s admit it, every woman likes to receive and buy jewellery. The more timeless and the better quality the better. Silver, gold or pearls? What will you get this summer?

The way I see it, an outfit without a classy pair of earrings is not complete. In fact – I think a statement, classy and feminine pieces are crucial in terms of not only creating a perfect outfit but also a personal style. I could go out without a necklace or a bracelet but never without earrings. It is my little addiction. What about you?

All that is Gold

Plaitly is my newest discovery. The brand creates an expressive minimalist jewelry for the subtly bold individual, inspired by ballet movements and shaped by a virtual environment. I especially love their ‘Drapery’ collection. The pieces, my earrings and necklace, are truly innovative and I haven’t seen ‘a similar ones’ anywhere else.

I took my 18K golden 3d-printed pieces to Thailand, and I also wore them in Greece. The jewels are great quality and the shape is fabulous as well as they were made of recycled metals, which reduces the need to mine new precious metals. In general, all of Plaitly pieces are made-to-order, which reduces inventory and waste. The brand believes in slow fashion which also allows them to create timeless high-quality jewellery (I love the fact we share the same opinion!).

My little ‘Drapery’ set matches the majority of my all white summer outfits, plain maxi dresses and my beloved turbans! They add the hint of ‘modern look’ to my vintage looks, they present themselves super cool with the trendy swimwear and cause the WOW effect wherever I go.

Timelessness is Pearls

Pearls are often associated to the 30th wedding anniversaries or.. the 50th birthday. The way I see it, they look incredibly feminine, classy and never make anyone look ‘old’ but incredibly stylish! I personally relate pearls to Jackie Kennedy, Angelina Jolie, Coco Chanel and…Charlotte York, a fictional character from ‘Sex and the City’ – a series that has influecned my sense of style.

I also think pearls are the perfect choice for the wedding. Traditionally, brides have combined white strands of pearls with matching pearl earrings to create a soft, gentle look. But, today’s brides tend to want more dangerous, trendy, fashionable looks on their wedding days. I love the combination of pearls + delicate gold. As for where to get pearls I would suggest THIS online retailer.


I am glad the ‘shell’ trend made it through to this season I think the shell necklaces suit both – boho and classy style. I love wearing my ‘sea pieces’ in a vintage way. I also loved the fact some of my wedding guests wore them at my beach wedding in Thailand. It looked super stylish and …also incredibly ‘on point’ 🙂 I like the fact the majority of tourist shops and stands offer shell jewelry. Some of them are made of plastic (sadly) but some of them are real 🙂 You just have to keep looking!


My malachite obsession started a few years ago. I have fallen for its amazing colour. My eyes are green so my malachite pieces underline my eye colour perfectly. At first, I just thought I like its shade and the funny structure but I also found out this stone absorbs negative energy that is all around us, calms (don’t know whether it works on me :P) and is generally known for its healing properties. Moreover, the ancient Egyptians grated the stone into powder to become an eye shadow. It was not only for the fact of its beautiful colours also but also for clearer sight.

As for where to get malachite pieces, I would suggest local mineral stones shops or Etsy. I think it might become quite a popular choice this summer.

Raw Gemstone

I am really glad we see a great comeback of ‘the quality’ in jewellry as well. I have seen quite a lot of raw gemstones on the streets lately and I am glad it might become a trend as well. It does not only look fabulous but using the natural resources is ECO! Let’s make the plastic gone forever!

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