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Bloggers Love Hub event in London

Bloggers Love Hub organized an amazing event in London past Monday. They invited ¬†fashion bloggers based in London and surrounded areas to have a closer look at some of the new designer pieces and have a little chat about what they are doing. The event took place in one of the most beautiful places in London – Chancery Lane in the center of the city. The event was clearly organised for the networking purposes but it all seemed to be working just fine. Bloggers had the chance to discuss new ideas and designers had their chance to introduce new products that included ‘MADE OF CARPETS’ bags and accessories which I found quite unusual – definitely the best way for the shy ones who don’t like to play with their outfits and want to stand out of the crowd anyway.

On that occasion I put on my 1940’s inspired outfit – very basic white shirt and red leather pencil skirt paired with style socks and heels. The socks are another shortcut to give a hint of vintage to anything you are wearing. White top + red bottoms style is one of the most important current features (to be seen in ZARA or H&M ) and the Second World War fashion is back for good.


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