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I have to admit – I am a big fan of a ‘Sauté look’. It has to be natural – at least to me. Nevertheless, I wanted to look flawless for the most romantic day of my life. No red marks, no circles etc etc….

My wedding make-up was ‘invisible’ – I wore red lipstick (I wear red lipstic on a daily basis too), a delicate golden eyeshadow, some foundation and highlighter, rice powder as well as my lashes extensions. We hosted a beach wedding so I didn’t wanted to look ‘overdressed’on my face. I treated myself, however, to some beauty treatments in order to be able to wear ‘make-up no make-up’.

Lashes and Brows

I knew I won’t be able to wear a lot of mascara on my eyelashes (I expected to cry….) so I decided to do the 2:1 eyelashes extensions. I used to do eyelashes extensions quite regularly (once a Month) for about 5 years and I think it is a great option for the summer. Thanks to the ‘fresh’ feel they gave me, I didn’t wear any make-up during the whole wedding trip to Thailand. My skin feels much healthier now and I have forgotten ‘wut is mascara?’

I also treated myself to the innovative ‘Brow Henna by Nikk Mole‘. It was my step 2 to achieving perfect ‘no make-up’ face. Nikk Mole is the Russian make-up school/brand specializing in make-up brushes and apparently henna, so I knew it is going to be a great decision. The henna we used is the Moroccan product which means apart from coloring it also works as a ‘conditioner’. I loved the effect (I was able to see it after 24 hours) and despite the fact it has been a Month, the henna is still visible on my brows. I recommend it for the brides! Both treatments were done 5/6 days before the wedding.

Cost : Eyelashes Extensions 160 PLN/ £35

Henna Brows by Nikki Mole 70PLN/ £15

Teeth Whitening

The way I see it, the white teeth are way more important than the perfect make-up and even a lovely hair-do. Seriously. A traditional white wedding dress shows every kind of imperfection but especially the ugly stain and not-so-attractive beige tone on the bride’s teeth. Even the most wonderful Cinderella-like dress won’t drag the attention from bride’s imperfect smile.

I had a plan to do the whitening for a long time. I did some research and decided to try the laser treatment when… I was approached by one of the most prestigious dental surgeries in my home town, Jelenia Góra. I got really excited to take part in their innovative bridal project!

What I tested was the phenomenal ‘PRE WEDDING‘ package that has now become available at one of the most prestigious dental surgery in my home town. I worked with Stomatologia Bez Bólu.

What is it exactly? So the bridal pack covers:

  • dental consultation
  • professional teeth cleaning
  • laser teeth whitening or overlay teeth whitening – whichever works better for the bride
  • replacement of old amalgam fillings or exchanging old, stained ones (cigarettes, wine or your coffee may cause yellow stains)
  • getting rid of diastema (the gap between the cutting teeth)
  • teeth shape changing
  • classical composite veneers (like super white teeth)
  • replacement of missing teeth
  • an extra consultation with the bridal visagiste

The most important part is that the clinic offers 25% discount for the brides and grooms to be. It is a huge discount, the way I see it.

I had a pleasure to try out the bridal offer, and what we went for were the first four points I listed. My treatment took about one Month to 5 weeks, and it was…. very last minute. I would recommend starting your Pre Wedding at least 2/3 Months before the Big Day but the last minute effect I achieved is truly remarkable which means… everything is possible at ‘Stomatologia Bez Bólu‘! Despite the fact my dental surgery is located in Poland, their staff have years of experience in an international medical tourism, and are very open-minded to any type of projects (especially the bridal ones!).

The price is adjusted to the client’s needs and calculated individually. The total cost of my ‘Pre Wedding’ was 1970PLN/ £ 400 but it would get discounted by 25% which would make 1477,5 PLN/ £300.

I am very pleased with the results, and I receive quite a lot of compliments on how lovely my teeth look right now. Here is the short video of the whole process of our collaboration as well as some before and after shots as words aren’t enough:

The video was party shot in Thailand by Benicki Media

No Needle Mesotheraphy

Speaking of last-minute treatments, let me introduce you to the real star among the bridal beauty treatments: Needle-Free Mesotherapy at Azalea Hair & Beauty in the North of London. I did the treatment right before my wedding and…. the effect was a WOWza! So what is it? It is actually called the skin shooter as the beautician uses an innovative compact gun in order to ‘shot’ the serum into the skin. It is said to deliver similar effects to mesotherapy but without the needle endings which means without… the red face effect. The serum is shot directly into the areas ‘in need’. It makes of a perfect alternative to either laser or meso, and it is just DESIGNED to be done before the wedding. The effect lasts from 7-10 days so I would recommend to do it 2-3 days before the big day. The effect is immediate!

No Needle Mesotheraphy does:

• Clear, fresh, smooth skin

• Tight, firm, plumped up contours

• A pure, even, balanced complexion

In order to achieve the best results, it is recommended to do at least 4 treatments week by week and repeat every few Months after the first stadium. Luckily, Azalea Hair & Beauty offers some great discounts for both regular and new clients. Evelina, the owner, is happy to answer all of your questions and choose the right treatment for you (there are few different serums she could use). We chose the brightening one for me, and I was able to see the results straight after I left the salon!

Cost : £90 per treatment

Reverse Chocolate Balayage

I figured it was also needed to change my hair color as it felt a bit ‘bleachy’, so-to-say. I wanted my wedding hair-do to be a bit shabby chic, a bit classy and a bit…beachy which means I had no idea what I wanted. I knew, however, my hair color is going to be super visible as my wedding dress had a minimum embellishment and I had a pair of statement earrings in pearl color. My eyes are green and I look my best when my hair are a bit darker, I would say.

For such mission, I decided to trust Nicky Clarke, a very prestigious hair salon in Mayfair. I had a brief consultation with one of their talented stylists ( Instagram @mwselley) and he immediately decided what we were going to do. He called it the ‘Reverse Chocolate Balayage’ which it technically was. My hair looked healthier, shinier and the change wasn’t as big (which is what I was trying to avoid before the wedding). I did my color treatment one week before my wedding.

Cost : Full Hair Coloring £280

Take Care Of Your Skin

Nothing I did would make such difference if not taking good care of my skin. I was recommended Nairian , the new family-founded cosmetic brand from Armenia. I started to use their two products in April (first week).

I tried a few products but I must admit : I am in love with the apricot Night Serum and the Under Eye Treatment. The first one evens the skin, moisturizes and does some sort of magic (smells like fresh apricot…yummy!), while the eye cream instantly reduces puffiness and dark circles, so that tired eyes are kind of illuminated and refreshed. This is what I needed! I think these two goodies would make of a perfect bridal beauty prep. I would recommend to start using two months before the wedding in order to achieve the best effects. I used it with Pachology eye patches as well.

Cost : Night Serum £69 , Under Eye Treatment £39

Perfume, my lady

You know the wedding perfume will stay with you….forever? You will always remember the scent you wore on that day, and it will bring those sentimental moments every time you ‘sniff it’ around. That is why it is so important that perfume compliments your personality, style and underlines who you are. I wore the extraordinary Anima Vinci Rose Prana on my wedding. I have been a fan of this niche brand since I got my first bottle of Jasmine Yang in January. Rose Prana is a blend of Rose Centifolia and Pink Pepper, and it is said to be invigorating and soothing. To me it is also very elegant and feminine – that I why I chose it. Its top notes are pink pepper, verbena and violets leaves… but the heart note are the wonderful roses of Grasse. Moreover, it lasts for very long and the scent is not ‘too sweet’ but really well-balanced. Roses 🌹 are my favorite flowers, and red is my beloved color. I figured it will compliment my red nails-red lips combo as well. Have you chosen your perfect scent yet? Rose Prana is a perfect choice for the summer wedding for sure!

Cost : £150.00

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