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Bridesmaids Dresses Ideas

You know the Wedding Season is here when you hear ‘I’ve just been to a wedding’ minimum once. In fact, my wedding happens… this Monday!

Today, I post with AWBridal Dresses for Bridesmaids. We created a little helper list for the brides who haven’t chosen their Bridesmaids Dresses yet. They are your sisters, your soon-to-be sisters, your ‘sisters from another mother.’, cousins and friends. The women you chose as your bridesmaids are among the closest and most beloved people in your life, and we know you want them to look the part. The bridesmaids dress you choose, reflect your taste and vision as much as your menu or flower choices (keep that in mind). But more importantly, you and your entourage of besties will share many photo ops throughout your special day. So what they wear must be the perfect, exquisite compliment to what you wear. Mori Lee® by Madeline Gardner Bridesmaids Collection has an extraordinary variety of bridesmaids dresses designed to deliver on your wedding day vision.

In this collection, AW Bridal® combines the timeless beauty of traditional styling with the sexy playfulness of more contemporary, on-trend design features. To the elegant simplicity of the floor-length skirt, they incorporate single straps, sashes, ruffles, broaches, details that will add richness and stunning contrasts to the beauty of the day. They also feature only sensuous materials such as lace, chiffon and satin, making the bridesmaids dresses flow.with you and accentuate natural grace. The dresses will contribute greatly to your feelings of happiness and confidence —exactly the kind of feelings you want to be surrounded by on your wedding day. You can also RENT your bridesmaid dresses!

Beach wedding, glam or rustic event? Aw Bridal (I provide Aw Bridal Review) have over 250 choices for even the most demanding bride-to-be. I have chosen 10 different Bridesmaids Trends for this year…

  1. Ruffles

I have fallen in love with the Aw Bridal ruffle collection. It would be just perfect on the beach wedding or a beautiful outdoor ceremony. Such choice would underline the bride’s romatic soul.

2. C is for Champage

Champagne tones are rather sophisticated and would be suitable for both – summer and autumn wedding. It is such a chic and sophisticated choice. The dresses would look great with either pale pink roses or burgundy winter flowers. Wow!

3.Convetible Bridesmaids Dress

I saw quite a lot of this trend on social media lately. It is a great idea for the ones who want to give their bridesmaids a ‘free hand‘ but not entirely. I think it is such a creative solution as the girl get a chance to change the style several times during just one evening. This one sells at $69 and would make a great color choice, too!

4. Lilac tones

The most covetable colour of the season relates to weddings as well. I think it would look great both on the beach or in a romantic garden (hmm…perhaps destination wedding in Italy?)

5. Green is the one!

The world is crazy about green these days. It is the color of nature, charmony, peace, eco. I think it would make a really great choice for the rustic wedding, or for the bride who is very eco-orientated. It is also one of the ‘IT’ colors for the S/S2019.

6. Red is the color of love

This is timeless! It was my first choice for my bridesmaids. I think it underlines the character of the bride and compliments the ‘details’, such as red nails and lips. It would look amazing for the summer wedding, perhaps in Italian Puglia?

7. Criss-Cross Neckline

Criss-Cross Neckline is one of the top trend of 2019. I have chosen the black version of it, as I think there is nothing more elegant… than a black dress. I would recommend it for the castle/palace autumn wedding, or for the mature ladies who would prefer to avoid looking too… girly.

8. How about vintage dresses?

I am in love with the ‘Gatsby’ or the 50’s themed weddings! The themed wedding will surely become ‘a thing’ for the years to come. I would love to dress my bridesmaids in such 50’s inspired dress and add another vintage accessory, such as little hat or the neckherchief! What do you think of this red beauty?

9. Flower Power

The flower applique has also become a thing for over two years, especially on social media. I think it would make a really good choice for the summer wedding – no matter outdoor or indoor. It would underline the bride’s trends knowledge for sure!

10. Immortal Pastels

Well… pastels will always be related with ‘the bridesmaid dress’ word. This trend will never die and it would always make a great choice.

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  1. So many beautiful bridesmaid dresses to choose from. When I got married I wanted my bridesmaid dress styles to complement each bridesmaid, me and the wedding. I was happy with my choices. They seems to make it harder and harder for brides to pick nowadays, lol. Have a wonderful end of the week love.


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