Cartier Baiser Fou + Alcudia Experience with EIX Hotel

The purpose of going to Mallorca (for the first time) was not only to get some sunshine, but to shoot my Cartier Baiser Fou campaign. I was very excited about the opportunity to work with such a prestigious brand, and planned to do so in the north of the Balearic island. I not only disovered some amazing places ( which I am going to share soon), but had a very pleasant stay at EIX Alcudia Hotel.

Cartier Baiser Fou means ‘a crazy kiss’, but this is not how I feel about this scent. It reminds me of the long mid-summer nights, flowers and the sunshine. It is extremely feminine, but yet so delicate. I name it my number one for this summer.



As I mentioned, I have chosen the north of the island for this particular photo shooting. Why? It appeared to be less busy, and the  majority of sights I wanted to ‘tick’ appeared to be placed around Alcudia. We rented a car and drove though the island, but stayed at EIX Alcudia for the first four days.

Why would I recommend EIX Alcudia?

– it is a luxurious place, right in the heart of Port d’Alcudia

– the hotel’s policy is ‘ Adults Only’ 🙂

– EIX has everything – sauna, jacuzzi, an enormous pool area (3 pools outside) and SPA facilities

– I loved our junior suite with an enormous terrace!

– I really enjoyed the enormous lobby, where you can admire some amazing paintings and an inspirational art work

it is important to mention EIX has a parking area right in front of the hotel – for us it is crucial, as we always rent a car.

– as for the food – it was absolutely delicious with the variety of Spanish specialities for both, breakfast and dinner. We especially miss the Majorca-style fish, white cheese and a great choice of pastries.

-five minutes walking to the beach is always the best what you can get

-the beach in Port d’Alcudia could be our one and only reason to stay there 🙂

-there are several services for the groups people with bikes – as we all know Majorca is a well-known cyckling destination



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