CBD – what is all the fuss about?

You probably heard a lot about CBD lately, especially at the beginning of 2020. You might have seen it on the new labels of your regular beauty brands, on Instagram or perhaps in the news? What is all the fuss about and what is it exactly?

CBD, Cannabidiol, is a NON-intoxicating component of marijuana, extracted as a powder. It is NOT psychoactive and doesn’t cause the ‘high’ effect 🙂 I know many people were concerned about it so no – CBD won’t make you tripping.


CBD is a medical substance sold in pharmacies but it is banned in some countries, such as Belgium and Slovakia. I was surprised to learn UK, Poland and Germany are the TOP CBD consumers, while Bulgaria has issued its first authorization for a company to sell hemp-derived cannabidiol. Check if it is legal in your country HERE.

I have been testing a few CBD products since October 2019. I own two bottles of oral drops from two different brands, soft gels and a few beauty products, such as creams and peelings.

In today’s article I will describe a few effects I have experienced, observed and took notes of. I am aware CBD has recently been appreciated as a ‘superpower ingredient’ with countless of benefits but I let me share my honest opinion.

I have been testing the oral products for about 8 weeks. The beauty products by Cibdol got to me two weeks ago. I have had KLORIS face oil since October 2019.


I wouldn’t describe my life as difficult but it gets quite intense at times. I suffer from anxiety, like the majority of fast-living Millennials. My routine is a few flights a Month, constant pursuit, city life, backhome life, content shooting etc. Apart from being super exciting, it causes unnecessary stress. I was on a hunt for a supplement that would help me cutback my stress level without making me addicted and possibly with no side effects. Someone mentioned CBD but I ignored it taking it for a regular marijuana but then I attended one CBD brand’s press breakfast back in October 2019 and decided to learn more about the mysterious substance. I was really curious about how CBD could lower my stress without getting me hooked.

At the beginning of 2020, I got really excited for the opportunity to work with two leading CBD brands. First of them, Cibdol is known for the Swiss Quality and all of their oils are 100% natural (mine is mixed with olive oil). The second one, Cannaray, is backed by a world-class Scientific Advisory Board providing CBD products with advanced technologies to positively impact every day. The oil that I have just received is GMO-free, vegan BUT what is the most important – it was approved by the world-class specialists here in London. I was 100% sure I can trust those two brands.

So. I felt the ‘calming effect’ of both Cibdol and Cannaray oral drops after just a second use. To me, oral drops work amazingly well (perhaps even too well) before I go to sleep. I use them two times a day instead of 3 but I might as well increase the amount in busy times. The improvement of sleep is remarkable! I tend to be more ‘steady’ while experiencing stress and perhaps a little less confused?

In general, I think including CBD medical oil and using it on a daily basis would improve your self-being and decrease the stress level you experience but it also depends on your state of mind. I back it up with therapy, regular massages and physical exercises. It is not a miraculous substance that would make all of your problems go away or would make you high but more of a daily supplement that helps a lot.

I already recommended CBD oils to my closest friends and gave my Juniper Lime flavoured Cannaray oil to my sister.

As for the side effects, I don’t feel or see any.

Calms and moisturisers

CBD cures everything from wrinkles to acne and has some great calming and moisturizing features. The CBD products that I have are not ‘regular cream + some CBD added’ drugstore hand creams but the highest quality products from the most prestigious cannabidol companies. I think it is worth to invest in a such merchandise not for the fancy labels but for the precious ingredients. Your skin will thank you for that. The price range ofthe CBD products I have been testing is around 25-40 EURO.

I am really pleased with the results, although it has not been long enough for me to feature a long description.

I was really satisfied with the effect of Cibdol Day Cream after the first use. It reduced the redness and kind of calmed my skin. It is also a great moisturiser. The Eye Gel Roller is perfect in the morning as it gives me the chilly wake-up soothing feel.

Moisturising face oil is my real star! I add 2 drops to my daily moisturiser and my skin condition improved a lot.

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