Color Trends for S/S2019 – My Favs

I am not exactly a trend-orientated person. I do attend fashion shows, events and I read VOGUE but I would never describe myself as a fashion victim. Sometimes I feel, however, I am being manipulated by the mass media (I definitely am!) and I choose the colours I want to wear…. because I saw them on the catwalk or online.

Where could you check the full IT color list? The first page I would head to is the Pantone Color Institute. It will tell you exactly. I would also suggest checking Pinterest, Instagram and Fashion TV. Alternatively, take a trip to London, Paris or Milan 🙂

Some of the S/S2019 NYFW Color Palette:

Visceral hues coupled with seasonal core shades create a versatile palette. I have chosen the ones I like the most (apart from my usual white-beige combo).

Green is a huge trend at the moment – especially ‘Eden‘ (deep darker shade) and ‘Guacamole‘ (pale, lighter shade) and ‘Pepper Stem‘, which is a zesty yellow-green (the first dress). The green dress is a statement, and I would recommend such a choice for summer meetings, events and even summer weddings.

Coral is also a huge trend at the moment – whether it is a dress, a small bag or some feminine espadrilles. ‘Living coral’ – an affable and animating shade whose golden undertone gives it a softer edge. It could be a bit of a darker coral – like the dress I am wearing.

Blue is also ‘IT’ this season, especially ‘Bluestone’ and ‘Quietude’ which is a color of quiet resolve. I have chosen the trench coat in such shade and I am sure it was a great choice. It looks great paired up with some vintage details and deep colors, such as deep red (lipstick, nails, scarf) or purple. It is set together with ‘Charm Pink’ and ‘Blueberry Pie’, which would definitely make a great combo! I also like pairing it up with caramel tones (shoes, bag) and beige, which is this season’s King of Colors.

Orange is also in but not the neon orange, thank God! S/S2019 is not the color for brave, it is a rather delicate shade. ‘Tumeric’ is its name on Pantone. I like this trend as a delicate dress or summer shoes, especially espadrilles. I chose the ones from Cara Shoes. They look great with the lightweight summer dress (white or beige) as well as with the wide leg pants. The quality is also a top one, and the shoes could be worn in an exotic climate.

So the neon colors were a big thing on the spring 2019 runways. The neon trends were also present everywhere on the streets of London during the LFT. This lime shade might not be exactly a great example of neon but it is quite of a ‘brave’ choice. Lime green/lime garments were featured by various designers, such as Michael Kors and fashion empire Revolve. I decided to give it a try and invest in some cigarette pants from the Polish brand Taranko. I think it looks really feminine paired up with the beige top.

About the S/S 2019 neutrals…

Finally, beige! ‘ Contemporary oatmeal’, ‘stony ground’, ‘vanilla’, ‘soy bean’ – every possible shade of beige is IN. And as you have probably realised it is also a good thing to pair it up with white or… another shade of beige. Head-to-toe is how the internationally sleek will be wearing it come spring. I absolutely love such color combo, although it might not be the color that makes me look particularly pretty. Timeless, classic, elegant and incredibly stylish – this is what I think of beige. I have a lot of beige garments in my wardrobe and I am glad I will have a lot to choose from this year 🙂

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  1. I´m not that trend orientated too, but I love to get different inspirations for making my own thing out of it. I love all these beautiful colors and pics, so so beautiful, thanks for sharing all these. Have a lovely new week beauty, love x S.Mirli

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