Dice Kayek is the Turkisch fashion brand established by two sisters ,Ece and Ayse Ege. The collection(or shall I say three pieces of clothes) that you can see on the picture is currently exhibited at the V&A Museum  on the occasion of The Jamel Prize – an international award for art and design that are inspired by Islamic culture and tradition. Those three dresses are divined by Istanbul’s architecture and artistic heritage. The first one called Caftan refers to  the luxurious robes and is made of lame brocade – very unique and expensive fabric. The second one , Dome 2 is clearly inspired by the the city’s mosques and palaces as you can see by the shapes and embellishment details. Last one , Hagia Sophia is  a coat made of satin and is an interpretation of Byzantine mosaics.Dice Kayek girls they are working between Paris and Turkey to be inspired by both Islamic culture and street style from the capital of fashion. I love garments that are inspired by architecture or cultural heritage as my first research ever was an architectural concept of the cities I’ve been to and as Coco Chanel said ‘Fashion is architecture.It ia a matter of proportions’.  I definitely will start to follow them two !  Generally , I’d recommend V&A to everyone who is looking for some art inspiration.

And this is my quick iPhone made photo of my outfit. Just an ordinary all black with my fab red vintage hat . I  got back to London a couple of days ago which means I’ve got my clothes back. So good to be back in the capital<3

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