Escaping Christmas – Tenerife Part One


Why is it fine to escape Christmas and leave to some place warm?


#1 Who the hell does not want to escape to some place warm at first place?

#2 You don’t need to buy Christmas presents (OK, at least not the expensive ones, ya know)

#3 You won’t put on weight (well, maybe not so much)

#4 Sangria…..

#5       wine-glass-wine-levels… vino tinto, vino blanco, vino rosado….

#6 Seafood and all the kind of food they have in some place warm!

#7 Beach picnic instead of Christmas dinner, so you won’t have to worry about the right color of a bloody table cloth/napkins/plates etc PLASTIC DISHES FO THE WIN!

#8 They say it’s OK to be selfish sometimes, and it seems like the right time on Christmas. Sorry everyone.

#9 You gonna have nice pictures! Well, at least nicer than your friend’s pictures with the Christmastree and a cat, and a bunch of presents.

#10 You know the usual Christmas Q&A? Would you like to escape from that?:)








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