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Being a fashion editor is not as glamour as it looks like – my first fashion job

It feels like it has been a while – almost the whole year of not-posting-anything . I am not sorry. I decided to dedicate today’s post to the people who are looking for the fashion jobs. There might be a thing(or two) you might want to re-consider.

It has been a great year of adventures. I can now (proudly) say I am the Senior Fashion Editor for the Fashion Model Directory and ‘love FMD’ mag . Thanks to having worked for such a prestigious website, I have visited Berlin , New York , London , Prague, Vienna and Poland Fashion Weeks  and there is more to come in 2016.  Oh – have I mentioned that I’ve done good two years of non-paid internships and have runned a fashion blog before it has come to this?

I have always been dreaming of becoming the part of the fashion world. I had no idea how it really does look from the inside (yes, I saw ‘Devil wears Prada’ and I thought it was cruel ). My brain has created an imaginary picture of a very well-dressed group of people(all happy, rich and beautiful) trying to get the first-row seats at the fashion event. I should not trust him (my teenage brain)- it has also planned for me to marry a prince and to ride a unicorn…

The ugly  truth is that us, fashion editors, are poor  graduates who are trying to make a living for the shit money. You need to do a lot of things for free in order to even be considered a candidate for the position you are trying to get for the whole life. I do still want to be a part of this world but I have developed a new and very important character feature – I am  a very patient girl and I recommend for all the job seekers to do the same. There is no ‘blitz‘ in this world, unless you are willing to post your naked pictures and your tits are the size of watermelons.

‘Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.’

While I was patiently waiting, I have visited several  fashion weeks and events this year. There is no better way to see the Elitte gathered in one place, admire the newest collections and the first-row trends. Everything is permitted in terms of fashion- from the shiny bicycle helmet to the candy wraper dress. That’s why it’s so wonderful and inspiring. You need to triple-consider you fashion-week-outfit as the photographers and critics are everywhere.

In my personal range, the best  fashion week was the  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Prague. Not only they have amazing and talented designers ,but the organisation was like  10/10. Berlin Fashion Week was well-ogranized  too (what did you expect from the Germans) but MQ Vienna  Fashion Week was a great disappointment.  Viennese organizers don’t know the most important rule -fashion week is a form of  advertising, the first-row must be reserved for the press,celebrities and buyers and tickets should not be fully available to the public. I the hope they will find the way to fix the bugs ( I would suggest to start from hiring the new PR). New York Fashion Week was just amazing. No wonder they have settled the ‘ Gossip Girl’ on the Upper East Side near the Lincoln Theatre ( Fashion Week venue) – it’s the most fashionable place I have been to. ( I hope I am not using too much of the word ‘fashion’ in that post ,am I?). Fashion Week Poland is experiencing its twilight and it’s sad to say that the most valuable Polish designers would rather exhibit in Warsaw(capital) than in Łódź(original FW venue). Does my post sound interesting so far?

Summarizing, I have made a resolution for the 2016 – I’ll post more about my job in here. I hope the news , summaries and ‘stuff-like-that’ are going to be more enjoyable than looking at another outfit that you will probably forget the minute you close the website down. Meanwhile , you can visit my cherished INSTAGRAM and YouTube for more.

Happy Holidays , K








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