Nothing about music or any other  sort of commercial performance. That was one day fashion event organized by V&A Museum London(the most amazing place in London!). I call it paradise for people who love fashion and like to spend their spare time in museums! Not only a lot of stylish beautifully dressed people but loads of talks, workshops and presentations  including interviews with Henry Holland and Maria Grachvogel, two young and amazing British designers.

6 -hour event started at 11 :00 with some free workshops and pattern cutting lecture (very helpful for fashion students).  For people who were  looking for an advice or some tips  there was a seminar open from 11:00-17:00. Quite an amazing chance to get  professional advice on a range of fashion-related topics (design , marketing etc). Apart from that people got the chance to admire textiles  , fashion illustrations and knitwear exhibitions  as they were spreaded all over the place for that occasion.

Photographers and make-up artists/lover  had their ‘something’  too !  MAC Cosmetics Master Classes  happened to make a very interesting presentation on their skills and product use and Photographers got their own tips on how to shoot ‘Vogue’ quality fashion photos.

Talks and lecturers took place in an amazing and spectacular Lecture Theatre. Unfortunately, it is impossible to attend all of them but me and my lovely friend had a pleasure to listen to Mrs Katie Greenyer  who is a Creative Director of Pentland Brands which includes Red or Dead ,Hunter , Canterbury,JD Sports fashion etc. She was talking about her role  , how she started to work in the fashion industry and  went through her work with new talent as a graduate fashion week mentor. She is a very open-minded friendly lady. (She actually made me believe that I  eventually WILL  find a job after graduation…) She lives so ‘when there is a will , there is a way’ lifestyle . Her work experience and paintings are very impressing.

The next talk was an interview with an amazing and beautiful designer , Maria Grachvogel.  That incredible lady started designing when she was about 12 and she created her first collection at the age of 14(!!!!) and then founded her own company at 21. Despite the fact that she is the worldwide famous designer , she still keeps her feet on the ground. According to what she was saying , she likes to decide about everything related to her company . She  also likes to stay in her own ‘creative bubble’, doesn’t like to read trends and never stops designing clothes. Very inspiring!

Henry Holland was the last person for the talk-show . He used to  be one of my favourite newbies but now that I know his personality , I admire him even more. He only started in 2006 and now he is collaborating with brands such as Levi Strauss , REVOLVE , Debenhams . Apparently , it was very difficult for him to start in terms of funding. He was working as a DJ to have the money to pay manufacturers for. He is such a funny guy. Not only handsome but creative , enterprising and very well -skilled. He is planning to open his own show space and shop in London, yay!

My favourite exhibition was the one from Jane Bowler.  I literally fell in love with her S/S14 pieces.  Good cuts , shaper , colours patterns and those metal embellishment. Perfecto

The only bad  thing was the longest queue in the world….




















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