AIRBNB Apartment in Cracov and Chanel

Hi from Kraków,

Hello from our lovely apartment, it the very heart of Kraków. We choose an apartment over a hotel for several reasons :

#1 You can make yourself a breakfast you eat everyday

#2 You decided WHEN you eat

#3 More privacy

#4 You feel like home

#5 The price is much better than a price of a good hotel ( of a hotel of the same quality)

I truely recommend looking at airbnb if my points matter to you.

How to create a perfect vintage look?

#1 Google ‘1940’s look’

#2… eventually type in ‘1930’s fashion’

#3  Go to the closest vintage shop and browse for some lovely and good quality vintage dresses (size does not matter – the dress I am wearing is a size 14, I am a 6)

#4 Use your imagination and pimp your #ootd up with the accessories ( a good waisline belt would do)

#5 Go to the same vintage shop or the Sunday market and buy a vintage-looking bag ( or the real one, up to you 🙂 )

#6 Figure out how your hair is going to look like, but the ‘courtain-looking-something’ looks very vintage to me… or does it?

#7 The shoes – the vintage examples are bloody horrible, but they are so cool!

#8 Red lips and red nails it is!

#9 Bear in mind – there are 90% chances floral prints are vintage

#10 Just pretend you live in a different epoque, and try to feel it 🙂

I hope you do not take it all serious:)


Special thanks for the airbnb. Me and my boyfriend are very grateful for such a beautiful apartament in the heart of Kraków (Cracow).

Have you tried the airbnb yet? If not, use my link to register your account! You will get 20$ off your first booking (terms and conditions apply).







Why not to get inspired?

Dress – Vintage store, find similar here

Shoes -old collection, but you will find similar here

Bag – Chanel,  find a great Chanel-inspired Rebecca Minkoff here

Bracelet – Pandora, get it here

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