How to Shop Less, Have More and Be More ECO

I am no longer interested in fashion. But really! I no longer browse on the high street, I rarely watch fashion shows and I shop for quality, not quantity. I often go to vintage and charity shops, I make my own clothes using sustainable fabrics and I am supporting independent designers and brands with history such as Weill Paris, Pazuki, AGL and Sezane.

️My wardrobe is not full of ‘wear once throw away’ clothes and I don’t feel the need to be fashionable at all cost anymore. I prefer timeless pieces that would stay with me forever. I really encourage you to start doing the same, not only for your own sake (and pocket) but also for our precious planet! 

This Spring, I don’t aim to surprise you with a crazy ‘on point’ neon outfits or fancy sleeves (although I like organza). This time, I really went for the fashion classics and created a few capsule collections from the items that I already have and potentially planning to get,

I plan to wear a lot of tweed Chanel inspired jackets from Weill Paris, white denim, silk dresses and my vintage bags.

Buying pre-loved vintage items is eco and, ironically, it became a trend! It also helps me to organize my wardrobe and create better outfits as well as be…. more ‘decided’ in my life in general. Having less choice makes your daily routine so much easier, more effective and less complicated.

Less is more.

What are the simple steps to shop less, have more and be eco?

  • learn about fabrics (polyester is a NO)
  • learn about the brands: choose only ethical brands
  • if you really have to buy – support young emerging designers
  • buy pre-loved: vintage shops, charity shops, online
  • explore DIY, such as dyeing fabrics or small alterations in order to get a fresh garment
  • be aware of greenwashing
  • be aware of fabric care and invest in great washing liquids and powders ( for example for delicates, silk, wool or black/white clothes)
  • shop for classics
  • invest in great quality shoes, it is where your money should go
  • try to avoid fake-leather accessories
  • invest in great lingerie and nightwear that would serve you for years
  • sell the items that you no longer wear or need
  • look for the ‘swap markets’, they are super popular these days
  • create a capsule wardrobe (collection of essential, timeless pieces you can rotate with seasonal items)

The tweed jackets I present in today’s post are Weill Paris. Weill Paris is a French brand that has been on the market since 1892 but entered the international market in 2018. From Russia and the Middle East to Asia, upon entering the international market, Weill was met with great success. I am proud to be working with the brand with such a great history!

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