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Karkonosze, Dolny Śląśk

Here I come with some calming photos from Karkonosze, Lower Silesian part of Poland.

I am lucky enough to have Karkonosze mountains literally on my doorstep. Since travelling is not exactly ‘permitted’ yet, I decided to keep on updating you on my lovely area. I think it deserves waaay more attention.

The trails here are quite intermediate so as a start I would recommend Chojnik Castle, Czarny Kociol Jagniatkowski or Samotnia.

There are over 10 waterfalls in the area, some of them belong to the local must-see sights but I also managed to find the ones that don’t. There is nothing more calming and no better place to walk my dogs. It requires a short drive but it is totally worth it. I really recommend ‘ Kropelka Waterfall’ in Gorzyniec.

This photoshoot was taken during a suuuuuuuper windy day but at least my phone was safe with my new Montadesso cover😜 Do you guys know the brand? Montadesso is a group of international designers. As they say ‘(…)Our aim was to build something elegant, protective, and most importantly beautiful‘. The brand is quite young (it was launched in 2019) but they already gained a bunch of loyal customer from all over the world. Why do I love the brand so much? Every case is one of a kind as they don’t do prints. Also, every piece is hand made from a different material, such as seashells, wood and even cord. The cover I got gets a lot of attention – not only beacuse it is really beautiful and unique but you can really tell there is a story behind it. This is the brand you should support now! I also have an extra 20% for you with my code carmelatte20ty .

As for our favourite activities, we enjoy our off-road adventures and boat days (my husband tries on some new fishing habits lately). There is a beautiful Pilchowickie lake about 20 minutes drive from our home. We’ve found an amazing agri place where you can rent a boat, kayaks or even a wooden shed for the night.

This post is partly sponsored but all the opinions are my own

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