KNITWEAR Chanel to Westwood exhibition

I had an enormous pleasure to visit London’s Fashion and Textile Museum and see  KNITWEAR Chanel to Westwood exhibition . One thing I have to admit about London is that there is no better place to do  dissertation or uni projects research! The exhibition features an amazing and inspirational work such as 1920’s Chanel jersey pieces, 1970’s Bill Gib and BIBA outfits , 1980’s Vivienne Westwood , 1990’s Comme des Garçons and more recent graduate garments from Julien Macdonald ,Mark Fast, Iben Høj, Sister by Sibling, Lucas Nascimento, Yang Du, Alice Palmer, Juliana Sissons and Amy Twigger Holroyd . The way that the exhibition is constructed shows the evolution of style throughout the 20th century and the influence of  the most noticeable art movements – are noveau and 1930’s art deco . Those 150 pieces  are some sort of a statement of  the most important fashion concepts such as 1940’s Make Do and Mend, 1950’s Dior’s New Look collection , 1960’s Twiggy style garments , 1970’s punk and 1990’s ‘push the boundaries’.

I am sorry for the quality of pictures. I wasn’t aware that they will let us to take photographs and I only  took my iPhone with me.

knitwear ch to westwood a

knitwear ch to westwood 4

knitwear ch to westwood 1940

1950 knitwear

knitwear ch to westwood

knitwear ch to westwood 2

knitwear ch to westwood contemporary


knitwear exhibition

knitwear ch to westwood 3

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