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Slowly slowly…… I am trying to adapt to the new reality. I was ‘on the go’ since I was 15 years old, which is 14 years now in 2020, so I was really frightened about how isolation would impact my life.

Today is the last day of April. It means I have been self-isolating for 2 Months. The outcomes? Ups and downs, I am not going to lie. Positives? I feel like I finally have time to do everything I have always wanted to get done.

So little by little, I am trying new things, new recipes but mostly – getting our house done which also includes getting home decor, loungewear and plants.

I spend a lot of time in the garden (thankfully, the weather is amazing these days) and around the house. I got myself a tipi-style tent, loads of noho blankets and raffia tables to make the garden look more…abroad-kinda-like. I read a lot, I especially love Stephanie Stahl’s books about relations. It really really helps me.

To be honest, I was never really into wearing old hoodies at home. I work from home. I tend to spend a lot of time in my cosy living room. I always make sure my loungewear is on point, and I really don’t understand why someone would not. Silk wide brim pants, maxi dresses and skirts and cotton tops are a must.

This April, I discovered Phaein, a small independent lingerie brand from London. The brand was created by super talented ladies who were tired of wearing uncomfortable undies. ‘Women for women’ – who would understand us better? It took 14 months to design their first drop, and honestly? It is amazing! As they say: ‘We want to empower women to understand what will work for their body shape, rather than have a one-style fits all approach.’

All Phaein pieces are made in UK with huge attention to details and beautiful fabrics. Apart from sexy balconettes and lacey bras, they also offer super-soft bralettes like the one I am wearing today.

I am a big fan of multi-functional pieces as well. My new comfortable bralette serves as my top, sports bra (for light stretching in the morning) and underwear. It underlines my breasts thanks to its rounded shape. It gives a gentle lift without wires and padding. The fabric is super soft and breathable. 

I wear it underneath cardigans or simply as a top. It looks cool with my wide brim pants and maxi skirt. I could not recommend it more, it makes for a really versatile addition to my wardrobe. But don’t take my word for it – go check it out for yourself! (

As for my beauty and wellness essentials during quarantine I wrote the whole blog post about my CBD obsession here. It really really helps me and I recommend CBD to everyone I speak with.

Other than that I also took care of my nails since we don’t have access to any beauty salons these days. I enjoy my skin looking healthy so I use self-tanning products on a weekly basis – St Tropez products never fail to impress me!

As for the creative side, my granny designed her own print using fabric paints. I find the whole process really fascinating so I decided to create a separate blog post about her designs.

Home. We moved into our flat over a year ago but because of our jobs, we did not really have time to finish all the last bits. I was on the go and my husband has got his own company so decorating our flat was never a priority…. until now. I enjoy purchasing a new coffee cups, flowers, flower pots, blankets etc. The cosier it looks the better. I was inspired by the so-called ‘glamour boho’. I like the ‘coastal boho interior’ but I don’t feel like it is entirely my style. I prefer silver/golden accessories plus some glamour elements to make my space more elegant rather than carefree.

I also surround myself with fresh flowers – tulips, lilies, forest flowers. It makes the mood and atmosphere around the flat a lot better.

New home appliances. HAPI company is a relatively new brand selling super chic and stylish sonic toothbrushes. The HAPI brush was created by three dentists with a goal to provide the best of hygiene in a convenient and affordable fashion. With over 60 years of experience, they designed a device which is clinically approved and innovative. It has 3 modes (I am using the sensitive one) which makes it perfect for (almost) everyone. Apart from being a beautiful and chic addition to our bathroom, I am also very happy with the functionality of the product. You can get the lovely brush with an extra 10% with my code: CARMELATTE at the checkout.

I hope you and your families are safe, well and you are looking forward to going outside, be with your closest ones and just… get back to the reality from before the COVID. For now – stay at home x

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