LUSH Henna – Pros and Cons

I did the LUSH henna to my hair two days ago, and I am very pleased with the results. In fact, I have done it several times already, and eliminated the need to dye my hair with anything else for good.

There are, however, a lot of minuses about this particular method. For some reason, it is not as popular as it should be, so I decided to prepare a short review of how it works.


Let me start with the minuses, as I aim to achieve my daily (over)dose of moaning, and it would help me. So…

#1 You need to gather a lot of ‘hardware’ before you start. Just look at the picture below, and add a towel and a pile of newspapers to the whole equipment.


#2 The massive ‘NO’ for cutting it and boiling – it is extremely time consuming. I find it difficult to divide the henna into pieces. Plus, it is clear that the substance has to be stodgy, but you need to intuit to what degree.



#3 It smells like weed (and I count it as a minus, yes). Imagine, you have to sleep/stay with it for at least a couple of hours. And by ‘a couple’ I mean 12/14 hours. Oh, and you won’t wash the smell away with the henna. It will happily stay with you for a day after the dye.

#4 After your friend (you won’t do it alone) is done with applying , you end up with a heavy cocoon on your head. It’s best if you decide to sleep with it, as the longer it stays on your hear, the better results you get.


That is it for the minuses. One more thing I’d love to add is – I recommend to use the coconut oil instead of vaseline/cream. Give a thick spread to the most exposed areas.

Despite the fact, that it actually seems like ‘no-worth-it’, dyeing your hair with the LUSH henna is the best choice you can make. The majority of female beings use to have the same problem – choosing the right shade. Wether it was at home, or at the hair stylist, I ended up with the color I didn’t like, and usually too dark. The LUSH henna won’t do it to your hair! The color you are to see the next morning (I assume everyone would prefer to do it before they go to sleep) is not the final result. The henna needs up to one day to develop, but the final tone is shiny and deep. I usually use these two shades (I go for the chocolade or mid-dark brown)


Another very convincing fact is, that it won’t damage your hair. At all. The product contains natural stuff, such as conditioning cocoa butter and essential oils. As the leaflet says ‘Brun contains indigo and a pinch of ground coffee to coat your hair in a deep chocolate brown colour, with nettle powder to tone and soothe the scalp.’

You can read more about it here.




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