My Daily Routine – The Most Effective Skincare Products

Here I come with my ‘Daily Routine’ series. I decided to divide my routine into 3 sections : face, hair and body. I plan to feature each section once a month for the whole year.

Each section will include the description of my favorite beauty brands, their products, how they work and why I use them.

I admit I am not the make-up pro (in fact I always get criticized by my friends…) but I know a lot about care products. I am quite systematic and I never forget to use the products on a daily basis, especially when travelling. When choosing my skincare prods I look into a few factors. I study the ingredients to ensure I am getting the best possible ‘help’. My skin type is normal and I hardly get spots, but it still requires care. I am always after the ‘approved’ brands, such as Vichy, and I don’t like affordable replacements. From my experience, they really don’t work that well and the ingredients aren’t as good.

Apart from using the products I am writing about today, I try to drink min 1,5l mineral water, I don’t eat meat and I try to keep up with the healthy diet. I also use pupmkin seed, canopy, black seed and apricot oils for my daily salads and I also excersice a lot. It is undoubtedly helping my skin to look decent.



My Cleansers


I admit I didn’t really believe in the funny-shaped sonic brushes. I thought it is just a matter of ‘trends’ and it will gone with the wind within a year. I did, however, say yes to a collab with an American brand QykSonic. I got the brush to test out and I was supposed to share my opinion on my Instagram. It was in February, which is almost a year ago (OMG… how time flies!). Now, January 2019, ZOE is my must-have. I take it everywhere, use it everyday and I gave the same device to my mom for her birthday. I put it into ‘cleansers’ section, but I also use if for massaging and applying creams I am going to talk about today. I think it is the reason all the creams work so well. My ZOE device works at over 6000 pulsations per minute. It gently cleanses ( with the help of washing gel or a similar product) and exfoliates the makeup, dirt, and oil,while eliminating blemishes and minimizing the signs of aging.



Omorovicza is undoubtedly one of my greatest beauty products. I worked with the brand in September-October. I got Silver Skin Saviour  mask to test out. It is designed for the problematic skin, which I don’t have. I was quite sceptical about this one, but it turned out it works for me too! I use it on my T-section ( it is a bit too strong for my cheeks) and leave it for a bit less than 10 minutes. I use it once every two weeks and the results are great! As it is stated on their website : ‘The perfect treatment for problem skin, this mask captures the power of colloidal silver and niacinamide. Colloidal silver has long been known for its anti-bacterial and curative properties. Combined with niacinamide, it provides a potent blend that combats blemishes and breakouts.’



I use my Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet on a daily basis, together with the serum. I like its gel-to-water texture, which melts into the skin, emulating a refreshing and cooling sorbet. I am also impressed how it leaves my skin – always soft, delicate. The smell is not irritating and very delicate. I often use it instead of foundation ( in the summer /’warm destinations’) and as a base in the winter. Caudalie is one of the ‘trusted’ brands, mainly because they only use organic ingredients.


This is not my first time with ‘manuka honey’. I knew about how amazing and miraculous this specie of honey is, and I got really excited for the opportunity to test Manuka Doctor products. So this is the set of two products – mask + serum but my serum has just finished. I absolutely love how the set works! It is clinically proven, in just ten minutes, skin appears plumped & feels firmer, as if lifted. I confirm! The set also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and leaves my skin very very soft. I have seen both products are reduced at the moment. The mask is currently discounted from $44,95 to $11,45 so this is what I am going to order today before they will get sold out.


  • Firming, tinted moisturiser
  • Brightens, evens & smoothes skin while concealing imperfections
  • With Purified Bee Venom (PBV™) & Manuka honey to firm, lift & reduce the appearance of wrinkles



As I mentioned, my serum has finished so I decided to start using my Vichy Liftactive Collagen Specialist. I had a pleasure to attend the launch of the product, and I knew it is going to land on my shelf. I used the eye pads from this line and I was amused by how they worked! The cream works really well as well, I use it as a night cream ( despite the fact it should be used as a daily moisture).


Self Tan

I hate being pale. I get all the opportunities to travel to the ‘warm’ places every couple of weeks but I always hide my face from the sun. It is for two reasons – I have a lot of beauty marks on my face and it is very dangerous, and… there is no safe amount of tanning in general. I started using self-tanning products a couple of years ago and I got really discouraged. It left nasty marks on the whole body and my face looked creepy yellow. I decided to trust St Tropez Tan in 2018, and it was a good choice. I especially love their Purity line. The mist I am using for my face has a tropical scent and is transparent. I especially like the fact that I can ‘control’ my tan, as it develops the so-called gradual tan. It is also super easy to use! Simply spritz under or over make-up with no need to rinse off for a wearable tan.



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