My TOP 10 Trends For Spring/Summer 2018 Season

Every September, while watching the runway shows, I have a feeling the ideas for the summer garments are out of stock. Let’s face it – we have seen it all and everything seems to be ‘IT’ these days. ‘Florals?For Spring? Groundbreaking.’ as Meryl Streep aka Miranda Priestly once said.

I generally feel the Fall/Winter is more of a ‘creative season’, as we are able to wear layers, coats, different prints and be creative in styling them. In the summer, due to the weather conditions, it is often a matter of just one item.

But, hey! I started to realise the summer is not only about trends, but about an eternal style. As much as I admire ‘the fashion victims’, I would rather adapt some of the key tendencies into my everyday wardrobe. Which I did.

This year it is still about florals and white colour, but in a slightly different way – more fashionable, edgy yet high fashion way. I must say – Spring/Summer 2018 has so many cool combinations to offer!


Ultra Violet

This shade is considered the IT colour of the season, according to Pantone, which is the oracle of fashion. A dictator, military reader and the king and queen. When Pantone says a colour is fashionable it HAS TO BECOME fashionable. So be prepared to see the ‘ultra violet’ everywhere – starting from now.

It is not the easiest colour to wear and style – I admit. It requires some tan and a bit of a heavier make-up (red lips or underlined eyes?). I love how my friends style it in an edgy way and wear it with the massive Balenciaga sneakers or an oversized jacket. I prefer to wear it in a romantic way, which is my favourite way.

I have gathered quite a nice collection of purple garments – four dresses, wide leg pants, suede-like jacket and some footwear. Some of them were made by my granny as I could not find the right quality on the high street. I managed, however, to find some purple dresses at Reserved.


Get the dress here


Get the jacket here



Satin started to be a bit more ‘appreciated’ a year ago, but people weren’t quite convinced of this…. nightwear fabric. In the Spring/Summer 2018 top designers, such as Victoria Beckham, Lemaire or Tom Ford introduce the brand new ‘face’ of satin. A daywear, even casual. Satin used to be reserved for the proms, afternoon teas or …. the night as a sexy pyjama. This season you can wear it with the casual jersey top, white sporty shirt or as a main element in order not to feel overdressed. I would look for the silk satin – it is the best choice for your skin.

I found some lovely pieces at TOP SHOP and Reserved(the purple dress I am wearing on the picture)


Get the dress here

I am wearing: Hugo Boss tailored satin (cotton) dress

Pink Shoes (Satin Pink Shoes)

Pink is also a thing this summer – are you surprised? But in S/S2018 the pink is called ‘Indian Pink‘ and comes in a slightly different version. The Indian is dirtier than Pastel and does not make us look super sweet but classy. Pink satin shoes are a good investment idea for sure! They would make your look really feminine, girly and undoubtedly fashionable. I also love the sneakers with a small satin feature, such as shoe laces. Super feminine! I am also in posession of a standard satin mules as well as sandals with some satin and pearls applique.

Get similar kitten heels in velvet from NA-KD here

Puma Platform Kiss Careaux from Footlocker EU here



Here is it – the turban trend. I had a feeling the Middle East traditional piece is going to leak to fashion <3 I am so glad the 21st century fashion put ladies of every cultural background into consideration. Middle East burkas or turbans might seem a bit controversial, but be sure – you will see them everywhere on the high street soon. Another alternative to the full head cover is the satin headband. The headbands are available everywhere – from H&M to Top Shop and Reiss, but I would suggest a trip to the Sunday Market (Camden/Portobello) in order to buy a good quality turban.

The beauty of a turban is that it can add a dramatic effect to any outfit, whether you dress it up with an evening gown or jeans and a tank top. Remember it has to be natural fabric!

Get a turban from here


Polka dot


This one might not be something super outstanding, so let’s make it quick. I think there is no pattern like the polka dot. It makes female look super vintage, 40’s like and incredibly stylish. Of course the fabric matters, but polka dots is very presentable even on a polyester. I like ‘the variations’ about dots.


Basket Bag

I was not entirely convinced last year. I had two basket bags, but I only used them for going away on weekends. This year they became my favourite accessory! They make every outfit, even the formal one, feel like Summer. A touch of ‘vintage’ and femininity to your everyday wear. If the traditional basket bag isn’t really your style, try a more modern design. It looks incredibly stylish with a scarf knotted to a handle.

I bought two new handwoven baskets – one of them is a little circle and another one looks like a cute little suitcase.

When buying a basket bag, I would suggest looking at the material/fabric the basket is made of. The best quality bags are made of straw or raffia and are hand woven. The bags you would find on the high street are made of plastic or polyester. The price you would pay for the natural fabric at the store is quite high ( $155 at BloomingDreamer, $215 at, but you could also browse in vintage shops and on the market (yes, again). You would be able to score a very good quality and natural looking basket for even $20-$50!





This might not be the easiest fabric to wear, but it looks so rich and distinguished. I bought the whole collection of linen clothes, including white coat, bottomed skirt and a shift dress. Linen is my mama’s favourite fabric. She wears her lovely linen dresses every summer. I  have to admit – I felt for it last year when I saw how people style it on the Bahamas. It’s natural fabric that lets our skin breathe, which makes it even more covetable this season.

It’s been slowly but surely taking over my Instagram, with editors and influencers turning to the natural fabric for a fresh and paired back take on summer dressing. It is a minimalistic trend – a dress and simple sandals are enough to make you feel super stylish (add a basket bag for a bonus <3).
To me, Mango has the crown in terms of the variety of linen items this year.
The key silhouette is the knee-length dress with the button fastening and a bow at the waist.
I see myself styling it with the wide brim hat and some vintage sunglasses or..a turban! Can not wait to show you my creations from Greece and Tuscany!

Vintage Accessories

Vintage accessories, especially bags have taken the streets of London, Paris and New York by storm. I love this trend, as it means the fashion world care about the tradition. I am a huge fan of designer handbags, but le’s face it – the quality of the vintage pieces is irreplaceable! It also means the creators care about the environment and the sort of upcycling manner. The vintage fashion means less production! Our budget won’t be affected either, as vintage bags and sunglasses are way cheaper than their new versions. Check out my bags article here and find out where to shop for some cool pieces!

I was going to sell this Fendi found in my mom’s wardrobe, but I am so glad I never did! Logomania is a thing this year, but it is Fendi monogram that won fashionistas’ hearts in 2018. The more vintage it looks the better. I plan to wear it with a romantic white maxi or with a formal look.




This photo of my favourite maxi from the polish brand called Tova was taken a year ago, but I wear it non-stop. Moreover, I noticed young teens choosing maxi dresses over mini skirts. It is ultra feminine and incredibly sexy! I am really glad to see super romantic maxi dresses all over London.

Spotted at New Look

Floral Swimwear

It all started thanks to Instagram and the brand called LaReveche, around a year ago. I noticed some of the most prestigious lingerie brands, such as Calzedonia, as well as high street chains, such as Reserved have quickly adapted this trend. Well – thank god! The bikinis make the beaches very romantic for sure 🙂

In general – I hope this trend will last for a couple of seasons!

You can get a floral bikini in pink from Reserved and a super sexy black version from Calzedonia.

Get those both swimsuits from here





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