Palma de Mallorca with Hotel TRES

‘I will never become the kind of traveller who rather spends the whole day in a hotel, by the pool’ I once said. Well, today I am aware I just hadn’t discovered the right place until I came to Mallorca. Hotel Tres in Palma de Mallorca made me realised I was wrong.

It could probably have appeared as ignorant not to describe Palma, but I decided to dedicate my next article to ALL the places we discovered during our last visit to Mallorca.

So what is all the fuss about?

Hotel TRES is a Scandinavian-style hotel, literally built into a 16th-century building, right in the heart of Palma’s old quarter. This amazing luxury boutique hotel has everything you could possibly need in order to experience Palma in the right way. Just as they advertise – ‘Experience Good Feelings’ with them. And by the ‘Good Feelings’ they mean you are able to relax under the Mediterranean sun. After all, it’s the retreat we are all after.

How could you possibly spend your day?

  • the food served in the hotel restaurant is delicious – you can choose from the variety od Scandinavian sandwitches, but Spanish tapas is a must!
  • their speciality – a Spanish Cava is enough of a reason to spend a day on a terrace…
  • …. with the views of the cathedral and the Mediterranean sea!
  • there is also a swimming pool area, on the rooftop terrace, with all the magnificent view on the seaside and the old quarter rooftops
  • the sauna is placed on the rooftop as well, RIGHT opposite the cathedral
  • the rooms are decorated in a Scandinavian style – minimalistic and luxurious

Tres ia s type of a luxurious boutique hotel. You can experienc the ‘historical luxury’ (I call it that way) as soon as you enter the cobble stone gate and the lovely reception area.

I think this is something you might want to experience in Palma!Find out more in HERE and on their Instagram.









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