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Santorini Wedding – How much is it? Is it overrated or a dream-come-true?

Santorini – a small island on the Aegean sea has been a top destination for years. Whether it is thanks to the music clips, Instagram or an extraordinary wedding photography – it is on a must-see list of many people.

One thing you have to be sure is – reserve your wedding as soon as possible as Santorini is a very popular wedding destination. You might need to wait two years for your big day. Be prepared.


Legal Requirements

First things first – as always. You can get married in Greece and it will be a legal procedure, which means your marriage will be acknowledged in your country as well.

Legal Documents for EU Citizens
Both parties are obliged to provide a full birth certificate. Shorter versions will not be accepted.
This document confirms that you have not been married and that you are free to marry. The
document can be issued in your local Registrar’s office and it must not be issued more than 3 months
before your wedding.
If either party has been divorced please provide a certified copy of the Decree Absolute.

All documents must be translated and certified in the Greek Embassy / Consulate in your country. You
can send your documents by fax or email our agency for translation service. All documents must be sent by fax or email for review LATEST 4 weeks before your wedding in Santorini.

You are also required to stay in Santorini at least 1 day after your wedding, in order to go to the Town Hall to sign legal your Marriage Certificate. It will be sent to you by post from the Town Hall.*


From some countries, such as Poland, you would also need an Apostille Stamp :



This stamp refers to the legalization and validity of your documents for international use. (1961 Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents). The Apostille Stamp is necessary for Birth Certificates, Certificates of no Impediment to marry and Free To Marry Affidavits.*

For more information about how to obtain Apostille Stamps in the US and EU, please visit


*source of legal information:

Figure out your budget

The average wedding cost in Santorini is 1200. Couples, on average, spend between 800 and 6000 but, most couples spend less than 2000.

This does not include the cost for a wedding reception and honeymoon.


There are the whole loads of choices on where to hold your ceremony – that is for sure.

I have found 3 great wedding reception alternatives for a dream wedding. All 3 are different from one another and have a different vibe about them.

Why don’t you organise your big day

… at the beach, such as club Yalos Santorini!

Yalos Santorini is a unique beach club located around 10 minutes driving from Fira. It is an intimate place, away from the crowds. The wonderful coastal scenery promises an exceptional backdrop for the most special day of your life! Despite the fact Yalos is located in a wonderful scenario, the newly weds can decorate the place according to their wedding theme and colours, and choose the music to be played during the reception; DJ, live traditional Greek music or relaxing and everything between in order, to create a wonderful atmosphere for the guests. What is one of the most important factor? The food! We tested some of their iconic sample dishes, such as octopus, Flava, Santorini salad and white wine made in Santorini. It was all delicious and made of fresh ingredients. I am sure the wedding guests would be delighted to try them!

The maximum capacity at Yalos is 100 seated guests and 300 standing.

Rates at Yalos (bare in mind the rates might change in 2019)

Full Private Venue Hire fee (Dining area and Bar)
MAY / OCTOBER: 1,000
JUNE: 1,200
JULY: 1,500
AUGUST (1/8–10/9): 2,000
SEPTEMBER ( 11/9–30/9): 1,500

Apart from that, there are also the costs of extras – it depends on a couple and how they want their wedding to be organised. The exclusive use hire is 3000€ for the whole day and it includes staff, table decoration, entrance decoration and sound system.

The couple would have to pay extra for :

DJ / sound / light & projector for party equipment: 900
Fire on the beach: 350
Reserve sun beds/umbrellas or big private sofas including welcome cocktails
& mineral water: 30 per set – 40 per sofa
Cooking lessons the traditional way and old local recipes or BBQ ‘Kontosouvli’
(spit roasted pork meat) on the beach: 450

The wedding menu varies from 44 to 125 and is also depending on how ‘rich’ you want your food to be.

As for the alcohol, there is a possibility for an open bar at 12 -22 per person. There are also special labels, such as Belvedere Vodka (120 per bottle), Dom Pérignon (350 per bottle), Moët & Chandon White Imperial Ice (150 per bottle) and Cristal Brut (650€ per bottle). The staff and the wedding planners are definitely open for any suggestions of the couples. You are advised to contact them at  in order to discuss your dream wedding.


Yalos is a laid-back place, perfect for the ones seeking for something extraordinary and unique. Beach weddings are always a great choice -, especially among such a great boho scenery.

Beach wedding also does not require a super chic wardrobe and loads of layers. Check out my latest Bridal Trends post HERE. I am sure you would love the feminine and ultra delicate choices! ‘No makeup’ look, beach waves and flower crown are a must, especially at Yalos!


What if you don’t fancy a beach wedding or a wedding in an overcrowded Fira? Pyrgos should definitely be on your list then!

The former capital of Santorini and the best-preserved medieval settlement on the island, the village of Pyrgos retains an unruffled air of easy grace. The village is located only around 7 km of Fira and represents… a different face of Santorini! Here the life is more relaxed. You won’t spot thousands of tourists and dozens of bloggers within 2 square meters. Pyrgos is more of a family village, where cats stroll along the quiet alleyways, and the locals sip their favourite Greek coffee in the local coffee shops and tavernas.  The village is located that bit further from the famous caldera – for that, it has been spared the terraces, balconies, infinity pools and master suites that adorn the glossy covers of tourist magazines the world over. Pyrgos is not swamped by sunset spotters, nor is it the first choice among the Instagrammers. Its charm is different. I would say it is a perfect WEDDING SPOT!

Botargo Restaurant

We have discovered this luxury restaurant on Instagram. I spotted an amazing wedding setting with the astonishing views of the volcano, but it wasn’t Fira! It

Botargo welcomed us with their iconic sample menu. You could ask for whatever you like, but be sure to try their house wine, Botargo salad and octopus. For a wedding main, you could choose from sea bass with an orange foam, prawn risotto or a delicious black chicken with sweet pepper and sweet wine sauce. Not only the food makes Botargo a perfect wedding spot. The restaurant is located steps away from the chapel, and it features a great view overlooking Santorini and the volcano.

For the quota and the rates, you are advised to contact the restaurant.



Are you interested in a standard Santorini like the white surrounding wedding? You could also choose a luxury hotel, such as Aqua Luxury Suites


‘A fairytale come true in Santorini, in the most romantic setting of the world for holding your wedding and enjoying a fabulous honeymoon! Organize your dreamy wedding with the active contribution of Aqua Luxury Suites and our team of professionals. We will make sure to offer the most suitable suggestions, which allow you to bring the most idyllic fantasies to life. From the wedding menu to the details of the ceremony, the décor and the wedding dress, the photographer and the music, we help you schedule everything according to your dreams. Organize a romantic wedding ceremony and a fabulous wedding reception tailored to your personalized needs and your taste, shaping memories that will last for a lifetime. Celebrate your love with family and friends, offering them a unique journey to Santorini and luxury accommodation to Aqua Luxury Suites.

After the wedding, relax and enjoy a marvellous honeymoon full of passion and indulgence. Aqua Luxury Suites will allow you to feel pampered and revitalized. Book the honeymoon suite and admire the world-renowned sunset, the abundant sunlight and the sheer privacy and serenity. Cave in the most soothing massage sessions, sip on chilled champagne and taste fresh scarlet strawberries. Just the perfect way to start your life together, as newly-weds!’

For the prices and room rates, you are advised to contact the hotel at :





Wedding Photos from Santorini are simply astonishing!…


…but you would definitely need a good photographer with loads of experience. I find the work of  Dimosthenis Christopoulos extraordinary! He has worked on numerous weddings and his portfolio is rich in not only the wedding but also honeymoon pictures. I love how he manipulates with the infrastructure in order to create a very Santorini-like idyllic images.


When is the best time to get married in Santorini?


For this, I researched many forums and websites. The answers vary – some people say April is a great idea as the weather is nice and there are fewer crowds. Everyone claims it is a bad idea to go and get married in a high season. Fira and Oia are usually overcrowded and you might lose the charm to… the massive groups of Asian tourists with the cameras (no racism here, it is what I have seen on the island!). September is also considered a high-season and the temperatures are still high, but not as overwhelming as in July- August. October, on the other hand, is a bit risky. We just got back from Santorini after two days of TRYING to get out of the island. The storm got so high they had to cancel all the ferries. I would call it a risky decision. November to March is a NO, while May is voted the best month to say ‘I do’!.




Is wedding in Santorini a dream-come-true or is it overrated?

Well, I think it the decision on where to get married is also for the couple to make. I, personally, love Santorini for its vibe and for the views. I think the majority of you would agree it does make of a perfect wedding scenario. Just see the wedding captures by Dimosthenis Christopoulos! On the other hand, it is quite pricey – because it is popular. There are surely some other nice places, where you would pay 20% of the total Santorini wedding price, but is it really your dream?

I think you should not care whether they say ‘ Santorini is overrated’ or ‘Santorini is perfect for a wedding’. Greece is a wonderful country with an amazing hospitality, delicious and fresh food and magnificent wine! It would make enough of a reason to choose this country as your ‘I do’ spot! Santorini would additionally make it photo-perfect!



One of many great things to be said about Santorini is its fashion. There are the whole loads of fashion boutiques selling silk dresses, cotton tops and raffia hats. The quality is great! I got myself another hat. Despite the fact Santorini is stormed by the tourists, it is also a shooting location from some of the top fashion magazines and TV programmes in the world. The island is also a covetable holiday place among fashion bloggers, Hollywood stars and very fashionable ladies from the Middle East. To me, it is a great source of inspiration itself!

Especially during the sunset!

Another great feature is… the sunsets. Oia sunsets are voted as ‘the most magnificent sunsets in the world’ by many travel agencies and travel/style magazines. It is definitely a great idea for a wedding photo shooting!

Island Hoping

Despite the fact, we had such a bad luck and our ferry got cancelled due to the very bad weather conditions, I really recommend to travel with  Sea Jets, especially with the Champion 2. The prices vary and are depending on a season, but start from 20 one way from Santorini to Crete (Heraklion). Sea Jets connect the Cyclades with Athens, Crete and the rest of the island. I think the hoping Cyclades is a great idea for after the wedding activities. Make sure to check the weather first as if the ferry gets cancelled… you would have to stay on the island.


Fancy a wedding in Greece? Make sure to check my article HERE.

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  1. Great photos of one of my favourite islands! I am Greek and I really enjoyed your detailed post as I hadnt realised how much a thing ”getting married in Santorini ” is!

  2. Planning a Mexian wedding and this is a HUGE help! Just going through how you mapped out what was important/what wasn’t is really nice to have. The aesthetics are perfect and you look stunning in that black dress against the fiery sunset!

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