The Serpentine Gallery Summer Party was all about textiles

The Serpentine Party is one of the most awaited social events in London. It’s a grat chance for British (and not only) celebs to shop themselves up with their amazingly beautiful partners and to present their fashionable ‘outdoor posh party’ outfits.

As I already mentioned  textiles are the ‘rising star’ of the fashion world once again. Last time I wrote about digital and screen prints. Yes , they are fab and worth to possess in your wardrobe but it was an embellishment on Keira Knightley’s Huishan Zhang dress that stole the night. That particular outfit is all over the internet and newspapers today. I hope that we are going to be able to find its cheaper internpretations on the high street.

Princess Beatrice, whose sweeping organza 50’s dress, complete with leather flowers by Nicholas Oakwell was also very eye-catching and inspirational.

Serpentine Summer Party, Hyde Park, London, Britain - 01 Jul 2014



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  1. Thank you for your lovely conmemt! I hope you’ll find something interesting in here. Returning to the UK really is unthinkable for me too Dan (my boyfriend) and I are so lucky to have landed in one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. We still can’t believe our luck!

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