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Slowing Down – Self Quarantine

Quarantine, self-isolation, coronavirus – the words we hear too often these days. There are some issues we can’t influence but we can certainly use the ME time at home in a smart way. For instance – you can read all the books you wanted, watch all the Netflix series you missed (the most common one) but it is also a perfect time to work on your silhouette, change your bad eating habits and motivate yourself for some actions!

I am not a yoga profi but I practice at home 🦡🏻It might not be a revolutionary discovery but yoga and mindfulness can help you cope with coronavirus anxiety. Perhaps it could make a good idea for quarantine activities? I am far from giving you any sport-advice nor I plan to record my daily routine but I was thinking we could explore some ‘home/ active wear’ fashion together.

It is safe to say exercising is a lot better in a pretty and colourful outfit! It is a fact! Cubidupi is the workout brand I got to know a month ago. It was created by Manchester designers who were inspired ‘by the gorgeous souls all around us just itching to express themselves boldly and unapologetically.’

I have fallen in love with their funny prints, such as florals, Mandala series, flamingo series or super chic feathers. The fabrics are lightweight, super soft and incredibly comfortable. The sports bras and a waistbelts don’t strangle at all unlike the sets I previously used.

I have chosen two fabulous Cubidupi sets and 1 pair of pink camo leggings. I have had them for about a week, and I absolutely love how delicate they are and how great for yoga and running.

The Gold Palm print is my favourite as it gives me the (well needed) exotic vibes – I am taking it to Bali for sure! The black Turquoise Brush Printed set is super chic and… slims my body a little πŸ™‚ Camo leggings are super IT this season, I tend to wear them for a walk with my dog.

I have 20% discount code for you πŸ™‚ Use the code: Claudia494 at the checkout.

Get Turquoise Brush Printed Leggings here.

Get Gold Palm Printed Leggings here.

Get Light Camo Printed Leggings here.

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